Red Faction: Guerrilla Xbox360 Cheats

Bonus XP Events

Bonus XP Events are unlocked as you gain more and more experience. You gain 1 extra XP for every Bonus XP Event that you carry out. The EXP required to unlock the Bonus XP events are written in parenthesis. If you fulfill any of the Bonus XP Events before unlocking it, then you will Not get the Bonus XP. Unlock it, and then you'll start getting Bonus XP for the event.

Unlockable                              How to Unlock
Air Strike (13000) Kill an enemy while in the air
Assist (150) Damage an enemy, a teammate then kills
Back Off (6600) Kill an enemy who is melee attacking at close range
Backfire (7800) Kill an enemy with their own explosive
Backwhat? (3200) Kill an enemy that is wearing a backpack while you are not wearing one
BBQ (17500) Hit 3 enemies simultaneously with the Arc Welder
Beat Down (1600) Kill an enemy with a melee attack
Blast (11500) Kill an enemy with an explosive barrel or tank
Blindside (18750) Kill an enemy from behind
Bullseye (7200) Kill an enemy with a direct rocket hit
Camper (52000) Kill an enemy while standing still
Charge (8750) Rhino charge through a wall and kill an enemy
Crush (1500) Kill an enemy with building debris
Death By Boundary (4100) Knock an enemy out of the level boundaries
Death from Above (2150) Kill an enemy by thrusting down
Death from Below (29000) Kill an enemy by thrusting up
Doppleganger (38000) Kill an enemy that has the same backpack you do
Dust Bunny (15500) Kill an enemy who is in mid-jump
Flagman (12200) Kill an enemy with their team flag
Full Control (5400) Fully repair a target
Ghost Kill (7000) Kill a stealthed Enemy
Good Timing (16500) Use the Rhino or Thrust pack to survive an attack
Hail Mary (10900) Kill an enemy from far away without using a gun
Headshot Kill (4500) Kill an enemy with a headshot
Heal Teammate (325) Restore at least half of a teammate's health
Interceptor (10600) Kill a ragdolling enemy in mid-air
Knockdown (3650) Knock down multiple enemies simultaneously with the concussion pack
Lined Up (33000) Hit 2 or more enemies with one Rail Driver shot
Mega Kill (5800) Kill multiple enemies within 3 seconds
No Problem (56000) Kill an enemy while at full health
Pack Hunter (550) Be near a teammate when they kill an enemy
Payback (20250) Exact revenge within 15 seconds of respawning
Power Trip (9500) With Firepower active, kill an enemy with a melee weapon
Rainbow Wars (31000) Kill an enemy that is using the Heal Pack
Remote Save (2300) Kill an enemy before they can detonate a remote charge stuck to you or a teammate
Rescue Kill (700) Kill an enemy near a teammate that has been knocked down
Shake it Up (14200) Kill an enemy while your Tremor pack is activated
Sharpshooter (24000) Shoot and kill an enemy from far away
Sleeper Kill (27000) Kill a fallen enemy with a melee attack
Streak Stopper (1800) Kill an enemy who is unstoppable
Stuck (4400) Detonate a remote charge stuck to an enemy
Survivor (2600) Recover to full health after nearly dying
Synchronized Kill (900) Kill an enemy at the same time a nearby teammate does
Unstopable (3050) Kill 5 or more enemies in a row
Vendetta (1200) Kill an enemy who recently killed a teammate
Vertigo (48000) Kill an enemy above or below you
Who's #1 (5000) Kill the enemy with the highest number of kills
X-Ray (22500) Kill an enemy through a wall with the Rail Driver
You're doing it wrong! (8250) Kill an enemy with the Reconstructor
Zombie Kill (44000) Kill an enemy from beyond the grave

Multiplayer Challenges

Unlockable                                  How to Unlock
1 Life: 10 Kills - 1 Weapon Kill 10 people with the same weapon in one life.
1 Life: 15 Bonuses Get 15 different bonuses in one life.
1 Life: 25 Bonus XP Gain 25 bonus XP in one life.
1 Life: 5 XP - 5 Backpacks Get 5 XP with 5 different backpacks in one life.
1 Life: 50 XP Gain 50 core or bonus XP in one life.
1 Life: Kill - 5 Weapons Kill 5 people with 5 different weapons in one life.
10 Kills - Every Weapon Kill ten players with each individual weapon.
10 Wins - Every Game Type Win 10 matches in every gametype.
100 Wins Win 100 matches. (Mode does not matter)
100 XP - Every Backpack Gain 100 XP with each individual backpack.
100 XP - Every Weapon Gain 100 XP with each individual weapon.
1000 Kills - 1 Weapon Kill 1000 players with one weapon.
5 XP - Every Bonus Event Gain 5 XP with each bonus event.
500 XP - 1 Bonus Event Gain 500 XP with one bonus event. (Ex. Assist)
5000 XP - 1 Backpack Gain 5000 XP with one backpack. (Ex. Rhino)
5000 XP - 1 Weapon Gain 5000 XP with one weapon. (Ex. Assault Rifle)


At the main menu select Options, then select Extras, then select Enter Code and enter the following code.

Password Effect
MAPMAYHEM Bonus Multiplayer Map Pack Featuring Four Maps
HARDHITTER Unlocks golden sledgehammer for single player use

Unlock Insane Difficulty

Complete the campaign on any difficulty to unlock insane difficulty.


Unlockable Cheats

When cheats are activated achievements are disabled.

Unlockable How to Unlock
Cool Turrets: Turrets do not overheat Unlocked via the Tank Buster achievement
Free Upgrade: Upgrades at the safehouse are free Unlocked via the Freedom Fighter achievement
Max Morale: Max morale in all sectors Unlocked via the Don't Tread on Me achievement
Max Technology: EDF/Guerilla/Marauder always have best armor and weapons Unlocked via the Red Dawn achievement
No Green Alert Unlocked via the One Man Army achievement
Super Debris: All explosive damage and damage from collisions is tripled Unlocked via the Coming Down achievement
Super Hammer: Makes your sledgehammer super strong Unlocked via the Best Friends Forever achievement
Super Sprinting: Player runs at 1.5x normal speed while sprinting Unlocked via the Working The Land achievment
Unlimited Ammo: Infinite ammo for all weapons Unlocked via the Freed Space achievement


Unlockable                        How to Unlock
A Winner is You! (20) Win 250 matchmaking games.
Battle Scarred (25) Earn 10,000 XP in Multiplayer.
Best Friends Forever (10) Kill 100 EDF with the sledgehammer during the Campaign.
Broken Supply Line (10) Destroy 250 EDF supply crates.
Can't Get Enough (20) Play every mode on all maps in Wrecking Crew.
Check Your Map (10) Finish a match on every map in Multiplayer.
Clean and Righteous! (15) Destroy 5 High Importance targets.
Coming Down! (10) Destroy 50 EDF owned buildings.
Coup D'etat (50) Liberate Eos Sector.
Courier of Pain (20) Score 5,000 kills in Multiplayer.
Death From Above (20) Liberate Dust Sector.
Detective (20) Complete 8 hidden challenges in Multiplayer.
Disaster Area (50) Destroy 1 billion credits worth of EDF property.
Doing Your Part (10) Kill 10 enemies in a Matchmaking Match.
Don't Tread On Me (40) Liberate Oasis Sector.
Doozer (5) Reconstruct a Damage Control target.
Experimenter (10) Complete 4 hidden challenges in Multiplayer.
Field Tested (10) Earn 1,000 XP in Multiplayer.
Free Your Mind (25) Destroy all instances of propaganda.
Freed Space (10) Destroy 50 EDF flyers.
Freedom Fighter (15) Complete 50 Guerrilla Actions.
Friendly Skies (30) Liberate Badlands Sector.
Got Any Fingers Left? (15) Beat all Pro times in Demolitions Master.
Grab Some Popcorn (5) Enter Spectator mode and enjoy the show!
Guerrilla (10) Complete 25 Guerrilla Actions.
Insurgent (5) Complete 5 Guerrilla Actions.
Jack of all Trades (10) Score 10 kills while wearing each backpack.
Juggernaut (5) Destroy a Siege target.
Just the Beginning (5) Win a Matchmaking match.
Lost Memories (25) Locate all missing radio tags.
Mad Genius (40) Complete 16 hidden challenges in Multiplayer.
Martian Tea Party (10) Complete 2 missions for the Red Faction.
One Man Army (25) Complete 25 killing sprees during the Campaign.
Party Time (10) Play all Wrecking Crew modes once.
Power to the People (10) Raise the Morale of 3 sectors to 100%.
Red Dawn (100) Liberate Mars.
Red Faction Member (50) Play online with another player who has completed the Campaign.
Revolutionary (25) Complete all Guerrilla Actions.
Spread the Word (10) Liberate Parker Sector.
Start of Something Special (5) Play 5 Matchmaking matches.
Tank Buster (10) Blow up 100 small hydrogen tanks.
The High and Mighty (10) Kill a flying opponent using a remote charge stuck to them.
Tools of the Trade (10) Score a kill with every weapon in Multiplayer.
Topher Would Be Proud (20) Play 250 matchmaking games.
Try Anything Once (10) Finish a match in every mode.
War Veteran (50) Earn 100,000 XP in Multiplayer.
Warp Speed (15) Beat all Transporter Pro times.
Welcoming Committee (10) Complete the Tutorial mission.
Working the Land (25) Mine all ore locations.
Wrecking Ball (40) Score 25 million points worth of destruction in Wrecking Crew.