Guitar Hero 5 Xbox360 Cheats

Unlockable Character Costumes

Unlockable                                                  How to Unlock
Axel Steel's Battle Scar outfit Complete challenge for Medicate
Axel Steel's Hog Wild outfit Complete challenge for Send a Little Love Token
Axel Steel's Shoulder Blades outfit Complete challenge for Sympathy for the Devil
Casey Lynch's Flying Trapeze outfit Complete challenge for Superstition
Casey Lynch's Monochrome Maiden outfit Complete challenge for So Lonely
Casey Lynch's Sharpshooter outfit Complete challenge for In My Place
Clive Winston's Deer Scout outfit Complete challenge for Sneak Out
Clive Winston's Persuader outfit Complete challenge for Blue Orchid
Clive Winston's Sugar Daddy outfit Complete challenge for Shout It Out Loud
Eddie Knox's Casual Wednesday outfit Complete challenge for Gamma Ray
Eddie Knox's Crusier outfit Complete challenge for Make It wit Chu
Eddie Knox's Suede Spade outfit Complete challenge for Six Days a Week
Izzy Sparks's Impresario outfit Complete challenge for Feel Good Inc.
Izzy Sparks's Sideshow outfit Complete challenge for Scatterbrain
Izzy Sparks's Stiki outfit Complete challenge for Jailbreak
Johnny Napalm's 1976 outfit Complete challenge for Judith
Johnny Napalm's Generation Zzyzx outfit Complete challenge for Looks That Kill
Johnny Napalm's Suburban Snot outfit Complete challenge for Fame
Judy Nails's Big Knee Pin outfit Complete challenge for Gratitude
Judy Nails's Mall Chic outfit Complete challenge for Runnin' Down a Dream
Judy Nails's The Riot Starts Here outfit Complete challenge for You Give Love a Bad Name
Lars Umlaut's Grendel outfit Complete challenge for All Along the Watchtower
Lars Umlaut's Soldier of Farce outfit Complete challenge for In the Meantime
Lars Umlaut's Valhalla outfit Complete challenge for We're an American Band
Pandora's Gretel outfit Complete challenge for Steady, As She Goes
Pandora's State of Fluxus outfit Complete challenge for Back Round
Pandora's Strapped outfit Complete challenge for L.A.

Ulockable Characters

Unlockable                       How to Unlock
Carlos Santana Complete the song "No One To Depend On (Live)" on any difficulty, any instrument
Johnny Cash Complete the song "Ring of Fire" on any difficulty, any instrument
Kurt Cobain Complete the song "Smells Like Teen Spirit" on any difficulty, any instrument
Shirley Manson Complete the song "I'm Only Happy When It Rains" on any difficulty, any instrument

Unlockable Features

Will not unlock unless played at the very least on Easy

Unlockable                                          How to Unlock
Cheat: Auto-kick (all kick bass notes are autoplayed) As drummer, hit 200 non-cymbal notes on "Mirror People" (in Angel's Crypt venue, fills don't count)
Extra: Focus Mode (blacks out background) As a drummer, hit 265 tom notes on "Brianstorm" (in The Golden Gate venue)
Extra: Hud-Free Mode (removes rock meter, star power guage, score display) as a vocalist, get Excellent on 75 consecutive phrases in the rap song "Bring The Noise 20XX" (in Neon Oasis venue)
Extra: Performance Mode (removes track and hud) With two players, get a band multipler for 42 seconds on "Bleed American" (in The Aqueduct venue)
Quickplay Venue "Wormhole" (required for The Grand Tour) As guitarist, 4X multiplier for 50sec on "Play That Funky Music" (in Sideshow venue)

Cheat Codes

Enter the following at the cheat codes menu.

 G= Green   R= Red    Y= Yellow    B= Blue

Password                      Effect
R R B Y G G G Y Air Instruments
G G R R Y B Y B Always Slide
Y G R B B B B R AutoKick
G G R R Y R Y B Contest Winner 1
Y G R G Y B G G Focus Mode
G R G G Y G G G HUD Free Mode
G R Y Y Y B B G Invisible Characters
Y Y B R B G R R Performance Mode
B B G G R G R Y Unlock All Characters
B,B,R,G,G,B,B,Y Unlock All Songs (Quickplay)


Unlockable                                     How to Unlock
Above And Beyond (10) Complete a song with an average individual multiplier above 4x
All Four Bass Are Belong to Us (10) Play a song with 4 Bass Guitarists
Barbershop (10) Play a song with 4 Vocalists
Box Set (20) Complete 100 songs in Quickplay
Challenge of the Supergroup (20) Complete 5 band challenges at Gold or better
Chanteuse (10) 5 Star 'Ex-Girlfriend', 'Send A Little Love Token' and 'Only Happy When It Rains' as a Vocalist
Crank It Up To 11 (20) Achieve a maxed out band multiplier as a standard band
Crowd Pleaser (5) Fill your Rock Meter all the way
Did You Finish Like We Did? (5) Came alive
Drumline (10) Play a song with 4 Drummers
Explore the Studio Space (10) Read 5 Tooltips in GHMix
Fest Quartet Quest (20) Play 10 4-Player RockFest Mode games of any type
Going Diamond (50) Complete 50 of the challenges at Diamond
Going Gold (20) Complete 50 of the challenges at Gold or better
Going Platinum (30) Complete 50 of the challenges at Platinum or better
Iron Lungs (20) Complete a 25-phrase streak as a Vocalist
Juke Box (30) Complete 300 songs in Quickplay
Me'nage a` Huit (20) Play an online match with 8 players, all on the same instrument
No Mistakes Allowed (20) Streak through the entirety of a song in Quickplay or Career
Open Minded (50) Gave every one a chance
Our Powers Combined (10) As a 4 player standard band, all 4 players activate Star Power simultaneously
Outgoing (10) Complete 25 Pro Face Off matches online (Win or Lose)
Over 9000! (5) Went super
Play It To The Bone (20) Make and complete a setlist which is at least 1 hour long
Producer (10) Create a music studio song
Quadruple Threat (30) Complete at least one challenge for every instrument at Gold level or better
Representative (5) Complete a sponsor gig challenge at Diamond level
Rising Star (20) Collect 101 Stars in Career
Rocktopus (20) Make a standard 8 player Band v Band match online, win or lose
Sampler Plate (30) Play at least one song in Quickplay, Career and each Competitive game type
Score Big (5) Earn 500,000 points in a single song as a solo act
Score Bigger (10) Earn 1,000,000 points in a single song as a solo act or band
Score Biggest (30) Earn 3,000,000 points in a single song as a band
Senior Commander (10) Earn 5 or more Stars on a song in Career or Quickplay
Shooting Star (30) Collect 303 Stars in Career
Special Guest (10) Complete a song with your Xbox 360 Avatar
Star Cluster (100) Collect 808 Stars in Career
Starstruck (20) Had a brush with celebrity
String Quartet (10) Play a song with 4 Lead Guitarists
Super Star (50) Collect 505 Stars in Career
Synchronized (10) Complete 20 Band Moments
The Fabricated Four (10) Create a band of 4 created rockers and play a song with them
The Grand Tour (30) Unlock every venue in the world, and then some
The Streak (30) Complete a 1001 note streak
The Traditional (50) Beat the game
What's an LP? (20) Complete 14 songs in Quickplay
What's New? (5) Complete any tutorial's lesson on a new feature
You Want More? (10) Play 5 encore gigs
Young Star (10) Collect 25 Stars in Career