Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles FAQ/Walkthrough

          _____          _     _            _     ______      _ _ 
         |  __         (_)   | |          | |   |  ____|    (_) |
         | |__) |___ ___ _  __| | ___ _ __ | |_  | |__ __   ___| |
         |  _  // _ | __| |/ _` |/ _  '_ | __| |  __|  / / | |
         | |    __|__  | (_| |  __/ | | | |_  | |____ V /| | |
         |_|  ____|___/_|__,_|___|_| |_|__| |______|_/ |_|_|
 (                                 The                                         
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(()/(     ) (   ( /(   (   ) )  (      )  ( /( (            (      )  (     
 /(_)) ( /( )(  )())( ) (()/( ))   (((_) )()))(   (   (   )  ( ((_)))(   
(_))_  )(_)|()((_) )((_) ((_))((_)  )___((_)(()  )  ) |(_) ) _ /((_)  
 |   ((_)_ ((_) |(_|(_|_) _| (_))   ((/ __| |(_)((_)((_)_(_/((_)((_) (_))((_) 
 | |) / _` | '_| / /(_-< / _` / -_)   | (__| ' | '_/ _  ' )) / _|| / -_|_-< 
 |___/__,_|_| |__/__/___,____|    ___|_||_|_| ___/_||_||___||____/__/ 

                   Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles
                            Complete Walkthrough         
                           Last Updated: 11/24/09
                             Created:  11/19/09

                       Author: DeathG0D and BlackDeath

        Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles Copyright 2009 Capcom Ltd.

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                    due. Drop me an email and let me know.

                              TABLE OF CONTENTS                             [T]

     - Revisions and Updates............................................[REVIS]
     - Authorized Sites for Re-Posting..................................[AUTHO]
     - Controls.........................................................[CONTR]
     - The Story........................................................[STORY]
     - Characters.......................................................[CHARS]
     - Weapons..........................................................[CWEAP]
     - Upgrades.........................................................[CUPGR]
     - Operation Javier.................................................[WLK10]
           - Chapter 1..................................................[WLK11]
     - Memories of a Lost City..........................................[WLK20]
           - Chapter 1..................................................[WLK21]
           - Chapter 2..................................................[WLK22]
           - Chapter 3..................................................[WLK23]
           - Chapter 4..................................................[WLK24]
           - Chapter 5..................................................[WLK25]
           - Chapter 6..............................................COMING SOON
           - Chapter 7..............................................COMING SOON
           - Chapter 8..............................................COMING SOON
     - Operation Javier.............................................COMING SOON
           - Chapter 2..............................................COMING SOON
           - Chapter 3..............................................COMING SOON
           - Chapter 4..............................................COMING SOON
           - Chapter 5..............................................COMING SOON
     - Game of Oblivion.............................................COMING SOON
           - Chapter 1..............................................COMING SOON
           - Chapter 2..............................................COMING SOON
           - Chapter 3..............................................COMING SOON
           - Chapter 4..............................................COMING SOON
           - Chapter 5..............................................COMING SOON
           - Chapter 6..............................................COMING SOON
           - Chapter 7..............................................COMING SOON
     - Bonus Chapters...............................................COMING SOON
           - Chapter 1..............................................COMING SOON
     - Overview.....................................................COMING SOON
     - S Guide......................................................COMING SOON

[INTRO] - Introduction
         _____       _                 _            _   _             
        |_   _|     | |               | |          | | (_)            
          | |  _ __ | |_ _ __ ___   __| |_   _  ___| |_ _  ___  _ __  
          | | | '_ | __| '__/ _  / _` | | | |/ __| __| |/ _ | '_  
         _| |_| | | | |_| | | (_) | (_| | |_| | (__| |_| | (_) | | | |
         ___/|_| |_|__|_|  ___/ __,_|__,_|___|__|_|___/|_| |_|

Disclaimer: I do not own the Resident Evil franchise, nor do I own any Capcom
characters, depictions or original work/intellectual property. Those are all
Copyright of the Capcom company. I do, however, own the Resident Evil:
Darkside Chronicles game, which is how I am making this FAQ.

This FAQ is a work in progress and was started the day the game released
11/17/09. If you have any feedback/questions/corrections/contributions, please
direct them to my email:

                            Revisions and Updates                       [REVIS]

11/24/09 v1.03
Added more authorized re-posters and items/walkthrough for 2-4 and 2-5.
Added the DETOUR path walkthrough for 2-3. Fixed the names of the bosses.
Added more upgrades to weapons.

11/22/09 v1.02
Added more authorized re-posters, added items for chapter 2-1 as well as
the walkthrough for the Underground path, added  walkthrough and items for 2-2
and 2-3. Added bow gun info and upgrade info and added more upgrades on
handgun, shotgun, sub machine-gun and bowgun. Added a tip emailed to me by
Gman1089 / Spade687, thanks guys!

11/20/09 v1.01
Fixed copyright statement, fixed date format for Revisions and Updates. Added
items for Chapter 1 of Operation Javier and fixed/added some additional info
regarding the boss fight and the LEFT path choice. Added Authorized Re-Posters
of sites that we've granted permission to repost our FAQ. Added Walkthrough
for Memories of a Lost City: Chapter 1. Added additional weapon upgrade prices.

11/19/09 v1.00
Finished structure of the FAQ, added the default weapons to weapon 
descriptions and upgrade information. Added controls to Basics section. Added
basic walkthrough for Operation Javier Chapter 1.

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[BASIC] - Basics : Getting Started

                        ______           _          
                        | ___          (_)         
                        | |_/ / __ _ ___ _  ___ ___ 
                        | ___ / _` / __| |/ __/ __|
                        | |_/ / (_| __  | (____ 
                        ____/ __,_|___/_|___|___/
                              Getting Started

                                  Controls                              [CONTR]

Like Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles, The Darkside Chronicles supports
the use of both the Wii Remote + Nunchuk as well as the Wii Zapper. To make it
easier to accomplish dodge scenes and access the status menu, there's a
separate set of commands for both remote configurations.       

    _________________________________     _________________________________     
   |      Wii Remote + Nunchuk       |   |           Wii Zapper            |
   |_________________________________|   |_________________________________|
   | + Control Pad | Switch weapons  |   | Analog Stick  | Switch weapons  |
   |_______________|_________________|   |_______________|_________________|
   |       A       | Action/Confirm  |   |       Z       | Action/Confirm  |
   |_______________|_________________|   |_______________|_________________|
   |       B       |      Shoot      |   |       B       |      Shoot      |
   |_______________|_________________|   |_______________|_________________|
   |       +       |    Use herb     |   |       -       |    Use herb     |
   |_______________|_________________|   |_______________|_________________|
   |       -       |  Status Screen  |   |      C/1      |  Status Screen  |
   |_______________|_________________|   |_______________|_________________|
   |       1       |      Pause      |   |       +       |      Pause      |
   |_______________|_________________|   |_______________|_________________|
   |  Wave Remove  |     Reload      |   |  Wave Remove  |     Reload      |
   |_______________|_________________|   |_______________|_________________|
   | Hold A + Wave |  Knife Attack   |   | Hold Z + Wave |  Knife Attack   |
   |_______________|_________________|   |_______________|_________________|
   | Hold A + Aim  | Auto Aim (Easy) |   | Hold Z + Aim  | Auto Aim (Easy) |
   |_______________|_________________|   |_______________|_________________|

                                 THE STORY                              [STORY]


                                CHARACTERS                              [CHARS]


[CUSTM] - Customization : Weapons and Upgrades

               _____           _                   _         
              /  __          | |                 (_)        
              | /  /_   _ ___| |_  ___  _ __ ___  _ _______ 
              | |   | | | / __| __|/ _ | '_ ` _ | |_  / _ 
              | __/ |_| __  |_| (_) | | | | | | |/ /  __/
               ____/__,_|___/__|___/|_| |_| |_|_/______|
                           Weapons and Upgrades        


You'll gain several new weapons throughout the chapters and each one will have
a particular purpose that makes them indispensable. Below is a list of the
weapons you can get and where to acquire them.

                                  WEAPONS                               [CWEAP]
                               *  Handgun  *

Your handgun is probably your most useful weapon, it comes with unlimited ammo
and is probably one of the cheapest weapons to upgrade. It's a pain to
acquire the headshots you need to earn an "S" in each chapter with any other
weapon, so be sure to upgrade your handgun when you get a chance.

Where to acquire: Default weapon

                               *  Shotgun  *

The shotgun is going to be one of your most valuable boss-fighting weapons,
it's also great for those pesky Lickers and Toads that just won't die or
those hard-to-reach lights that you're trying to break. However, it can also
be the most expensive weapon to upgrade, so do it sparingly.
Where to acquire: Default weapon

                           *  Sub Machine-gun  *

The sub machine-gun is a great weapon to rack up the kills if you're running
out of grenades. Use this weapon on roaches, baby spiders and other
small-but-numerous enemies to boost your Enemies Eliminated grade at the end
of each chapter. It's a weak starter weapon and cheaper to upgrade.

Where to acquire: Default weapon

                              *  Grenades  *

Grenades are great for killing enemies that are small, yet bunched together.
A single grenade could rack up your Enemies Eliminated stat by a hundred. They
are hard to come by sometimes though, so use them only when you need to. You
do not get any grenades at the beginning of the game, but they can be acquired
in the coming chapters. Grenades cannot be upgraded. 

Where to acquire: Default weapon

                              *  Bow Gun   *

Can shoot a series of high-speed arrows, although it's a little more 
expensive to upgrade. Can be very valuable when fighting certain bosses or
a horde of zombies, however, I don't consider this as important as a shotgun
but rather a nearly-as-good substitute.

Where to acquire: Memories of a Lost City: Chapter 2

                                 UPGRADES                               [CUPGR]

Throughout the course of the game, you'll earn Gold pieces that you can save up
and spend on upgrades for your weapons. Each weapon has a default stat, which
is the grade that weapon is when you first get it and it marked with a "X" for
base stat.

Every once in awhile, you'll upgrade a certain stat and MAX it out. This means
that is the highest that stat can go, so you cannot necessarily always get to
an "S". For example, the shotgun's Reload Speed is MAXed out at the very
beginning, even though it's base grade is only a C, you cannot upgrade this
stat anymore.

Outlined below is the cost of each upgrade. Note that in order to obtain the
next highest grade, you need to have already purchased the grade below it.
For example, if you want your Power upgraded to a C+, your current Power
grade must be a C.

Stats marked with an "M" are maxed out and cannot be upgraded anymore.

 |                                Handgun                                    |
 |         Power    Rate/ Fire    Reload Speed    Capacity   Stopping Power  |
 | D         X            -             -              -             X       |
 | D+      2,500          -             -              -           2,500     |
 | C       8,000          -             -              -           8,000     |
 | C+                     -             -              -          14,000     |
 | B      20,000          X             X              X                     |
 | B+        M          6,000         5,000          5,000           M       |
 | A                   12,000         9,000          9,000                   |
 | A+                  20,000        14,000                                  |
 | S                                 20,000         20,000                   |

 |                                Shotgun                                    |
 |         Power    Rate/ Fire    Reload Speed    Capacity   Stopping Power  |
 | D         -            -             -             -             -        |
 | D+        -            -             -             -             -        |
 | C         -            X             M             X             -        |
 | C+        -          6,000                       5,000           -        |
 | B         X                                      9,000           -        |
 | B+      6,000                                                    -        |
 | A      12,000                                   21,000           X        |
 | A+     22,000                                                 10,000      |
 | S                                                             16,000      |
 | S+                                                            22,000      |

 |                            Sub Machine-gun                                |
 |         Power    Rate/ Fire    Reload Speed    Capacity   Stopping Power  |
 | D         -           -              -             -             -        |
 | D+        -           -              -             -             -        |
 | C         X           -              X             -             X        |
 | C+      6,000         -            6,000           -           8,000      |
 | B      10,000         -                            -                      |
 | B+                    -                            -                      |
 | A                     -                            X                      |
 | A+                    X                         12,000                    |
 | S                  16,000                                                 |

 |                                Bow Gun                                    |
 |         Power    Rate/ Fire    Reload Speed    Capacity   Stopping Power  |
 | D         -           -              -             -             -        |
 | D+        -           -              -             -             -        |
 | C         X           -              -             -             X        |
 | C+      5,000         -              -             -           9,000      |
 | B                     -              X             X                      |
 | B+                    -            5,000         5,000                    |
 | A                     X                                                   |
 | A+                  9,000                                                 |
 | S                                                                         |

[WLK00] - Walkthrough

          _    _       _ _     _   _                           _     
         | |  | |     | | |   | | | |                         | |    
         | |  | | __ _| | | __| |_| |__  _ __ ___  _   _  __ _| |__  
         | |/| |/ _` | | |/ /| __| '_ | '__/ _ | | | |/ _` | '_  
           /  / (_| | |   < | |_| | | | | | (_) | |_| | (_| | | | |
          /  / __,_|_|_|_ __|_| |_|_|  ___/ __,_|__, |_| |_|
                                                          __/ |      

                              Operation Javier                          [WLK10]

------------------------------Chapter 1 [WLK11]--------------------------------

The game starts with Leon Kennedy and Jack Krauser, navigating their way
through the jungle somewhere in South America, dated in 2002. Leon pulls out
photos of their target, which is a man named Javier Hidalgo, whom is hiding
out somewhere near. They plan to meet a guide in the small village of Amparo,
who will lead them to Javier's mansion.

They enter the small village nearby to find it desolate and seemingly vacant.
The radio can be heard in the background, mentioning something about missing
girls just as Leon and Jack see the numerous posters plastered on the
tattered fence of various missing girls.

Leon and Jack approach an out-of-place well in the town center and see a 
staggering man coming towards them. It becomes apparent that this is the first
zombie you'll encounter in the game. Shoot it quickly and try to get a
headshot as the others to come are not so easy.

Two more zombies will attack from behind, again take your time and try to land
headshots on both of these. After those are dead, three more will appear
toward you, but before you get a chance to shoot at these, the camera will
turn again to see yet another zombie heading toward you. Since you don't have
much time to kill these, throw a grenade (if you have them) or pull out your
sub machine-gun and hope for a couple of kills.

You'll run into an alleyway and immediately be stopped by two more zombies.
Be sure to shoot the fruit baskets and pots in this area, you'll get the first
Umbrella archive file, 500 gold, and possibly some auto-gold. Try to get
head shots as once these are dead, you'll be greeted by two more behind you.

As you go around the corner, pick up the sub machine-gun ammo. Another zombie
will attack the character you didn't choose (if you're Leon, it'll attack Jack
and vice versa), it'll be hard to get a critical on this one, so just try to
kill it quickly so it doesn't do much damage to your partner. Try to shoot 
every pot you can for the next Umbrella archive file and there's grenades 
around the same area, not to mention that area is a GOLD MINE!

Three more zombies will attack from behind, get criticals on these or at least
the two that come from the alleyway afterwards. You'll get attacked from
behind but take your time, you won't continue until it's dead.

You'll get surrounded by two more zombies from behind you and three more in
front of you. You won't have enough time to get headshots on these, so throw
a grenade or use your shotgun.

Before you enter the next alleyway, grab the herb on the counter.  Leon and 
Jack will run into another small alleyway and your partner will hop over the
fence, don't worry about shooting the zombies behind you just yet. As soon as
you jump over the fence to rejoin your partner, they'll break through the 
fence and you'll get a chance to dispose of them.

Once you pass through the gate, you'll be greeted by two spiders, one on the
wall and one on the ground. Try not to use your shotgun, you'll need this
ammo later.

After the spiders are dead, three zombies with hard-hats will rush toward
you. You have to shoot them in the head once to remove their hats in order to
get criticals on them.

You'll proceed over the unstable (and dangerous!) bridge. Shoot the sheets
drying on the lines, a lot of them will give you some auto-gold, very helpful
in upgrading your weapons later! Leon and Jack start talking, believing
Javier is responsible for the ambush and that more than likely their guide
is dead. Something catches their eye in the house on the right and before
they can investigate, another zombie will rush you from the right. There's
some shotgun ammo through the window and 500 gold to the right in the same
place, try to grab those, but be quick.

Yet more zombies begin surrounding you, you won't have much time to kill
these, so throw a grenade if you can or get you sub machine-gun out. You and
your partner run for dear life to the end of the bridge, where a bunch of 
zombified piranhas group near a dead body. Three will jump directly at you
so shoot fast. 

After Leon and Jack run into the nearby building, a single spider will
attack from the ceiling. There's first aid spray in the corner, and to the 
left of that is 500 gold on the shelf. They'll run out the back and begin 
hearing a soft voice singing from afar. There's more shotgun ammo against
the building in front of you, grab it. Then you will enter a building with
half its walls missing where you'll find your guide lying on the floor
against a crate dying. He'll moan something about a girl bringing devils to
the village and helping her escape Javiers mansion before he croaks. 

Then Leon will talk to Jack about the Sacred Snakes trafficking organs 
before a large tentacle grabs the dead guide and devours him. Soon after a 
toad will jump out from the hole in the floor. 

After you dispose of the toad, you will leave and be presented with an 
option to go left or right to get to the church outside. 

** Go RIGHT **

Two zombies will attack you from behind, try your best to get criticals. 

Next you'll have to kill two toads one after the other, just kill them quick 
but use your shotgun sparingly, be sure to get the herb that's next to the 
building. Two more zombies will break through the shack, take your time but
don't let them hurt you. 

You'll be surrounded by toads in front and behind you. As you run across 
the roof and dispose of another toad, you'll see the church.

** Go LEFT ** 

Right as you turn, you'll be surrounded by piranhas, several will jump at 
you (use the sub machine-gun if you have to). Next, kill the single toad
before you approach a water-logged shack. Shoot the wooden door as quickly
as possible as this could effect your time. Grab the herb on the shelf, 
then use your handgun to get your last remaining head shots.

Two toads will jump from the holes in the roof. Shoot the back door 
quickly to leave.

As you run across the roof and dispose of another toad, you'll see the 

~~~ End of Path Choices ~~~ 

There's another herb here, right next to the entrance of the church.

As Leon and Jack approach it, a large creature will jump at you. Be quick
to dodge its attack. This creature will disappear for now.

The two will near the church but are attacked by a round of toads. Use your 
shotgun if you need to as they can cause a considerable amount of damage.

After the toads are killed, Leon and Jack will hear the same singing from 
within the church. Cut to scene of a girl dressed in white singing on the 
floor. She doesn't seem to notice Leon and Jack or the two eyes staring at
her from the water. Before Leon can shoot it, the mystery girl faints,
prompting a boss fight. 

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Boss Fight ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


Shoot for its head and mouth as those are its only apparent weaknesses. 

*TIP* Gman1089 / Spade687 : The belly seems to be either the actual weakness
or a second weak point on the Tentacle Fish.

The shotgun is extremely valuable in draining its HP. Be sure to grab the 
sub machine-gun ammo at the foot of the boss, it'll come in handy for this
fight. When the boss swings back and it looks like it's about to hit you,
try to land a shot right in its head, sparing you from its attack.

Once you get the boss' health down to about half way, you'll take the fight 
outside. The boss will weave through the water, use your sub machine-gun to 
shoot its back when it surfaces. If you get its health down low enough,
it'll just hurl itself at you, skipping the rest of this paragraph. It will
lunge at you, dodge the attack quickly, sending it back in the water. Again,
use your sub machine-gun to shoot its back when possible. By this time, its
health should be 3/4 of the way down. Be careful, when the boss stops to look
at you (while its still in the water) if you don't shoot it fast enough, he'll
send spines flying at you.

The boss will hurl itself at you, landing on the dock and exposing its
head and mouth perfectly, use this time to land a couple of shotgun shells
in its weak spots. After you get its health down pretty low, you'll roll
out from under the boss and you'll see the creature just under the church
bell. Shoot the church bell and it'll crash land on top of the boss, killing
it for you.

Leon and Jack will rush back into the church to check on the girl, where Jack
begins to wonder about Leon's experience with B.O.W.s, prompting Leon to 
begin telling his story of Raccoon City.

                          MEMORIES OF A LOST CITY                       [WLK20]

------------------------------Chapter 1 [WLK21]--------------------------------

This chapter opens with Claire riding her bike to Raccoon City and Leon doing
a voice over. It shows Claire and Leon fighting together in the city, Claire 
explains she's searching for her missing brother. The two decide to head to 
the police station and away from the burning bus.

You'll be surprised by your first zombie encounter, after you dispose of him
several more will begin to awaken. If you have grenades, you should probably
use one or two here, you'll need a lot of kills if you plan on getting an S.
There's no boss at the end of this chapter, so you really shouldn't have to
spare any.
You and your partner will run into an alleyway and into a locked door, the 
moment you turn around another zombie will rush you, so be ready with your
handgun. Try to get a head shot on the zombie at the end of the alleyway,
you'll need all the criticals you can get. When you and your partner emerge
from the alleyway, you'll see that you're surrounded by a horde of zombies,
try to get criticals on the closest to you and throw a grenade or use your
sub machine-gun to take a couple more down before Claire and Leon run into a 
small side-street.

Two more zombies are here, try to get head shots as you won't continue until
these two are dead. There are tons more behind you, you won't have enough
time to get criticals on these so use a grenade or your sub machine-gun if
you like.

Claire and Leon will run into a gun shop where you'll find a single zombie
feasting on a corpse, kill it and let loose with your sub machine-gun on the
cash register and other items on the counters as you'll receive tons of
goodies. You can get 500 gold from the cash register here as well as an
Umbrella archive file, sub machine-gun ammo and shotgun shells. When you go
behind the counter, closer to the radio, grab the first-aid spray on the

A few more zombies will appear outside of the gun shop and eventually break
down the glass and approach you, if you can, get head shots. Four more will 
replace those, but you won't have time, kill them quickly. Be sure to grab the
grenades in the gun case before you're swept away out of the shop.

Claire will comment on the "lovely" smell of the alleyway when you're
surprised by a couple of zombies behind the fence. Don't worry about these
right now, you can't kill them even if you wanted to.

When you approach the van, shoot up its contents and grab yourself 500 gold
and some more shotgun shells before two zombie-dogs will lunge at you,
immediately followed by two zombies awakening from the ground. More will
appear behind you, kill the one closest and try for criticals on the rest.

Once Claire and Leon return to the fence (where the zombies were earlier), a
body will fall from the building and will be joined by a few more from the 
building. If you're worried about your time, or getting overwhelmed, you can
shoot the barrels behind them on the left to cause an explosion, you might
get some nice auto-gold too.

You'll hear a broadcast asking survivors to evacuate Raccoon City as it's no
longer safe (really?!), it'll be hard to see but you shouldn't miss the free
herb on the windowsill. Once you get on the catwalks, you'll get attacked
by some crows, be careful, these should not be taken lightly. 

Claire and Leon will climb down the catwalks, kill the two zombies on the
ground, it's hard to get head shots on these, there's also some machine-gun
ammo around this area.

You'll approach a cafe right as you're attacked by two zombie-dogs from
behind, as soon as they're dead another zombie will attack your partner. Kill
it quickly, you don't want your partner cranky at you, be sure not to miss
the herb on the ground.

Two more zombies will appear in front of the cafe, behind them, another will
be pounding against the glass and it will soon break, unleashing it toward
you. It will be joined by another zombie awakening on the patio, you won't
have much time to kill these two, so shoot to kill.

Claire and Leon run down the street and near a bus, where several zombies will
emerge from, kill the closest or the ones that can hurt you. If you're
pressed for time, you can wait a few seconds until the sizzling wires on the
back of the bus are within your aim to blow it up, taking all the zombies
with it.

As you run passed the burning bus, fire-zombies will wake up, you won't get
much time to kill these. The bus will blow up, leaving you incapacitated and
deaf (definitely not a good time!), luckily your partner will land some
head shots in this mini-scene to come to your rescue.

Claire and Leon will be surrounded by zombies, none of which you'll have much
time to kill, so wait until you run passed them or pull out a grenade or your
sub machine-gun to dispose of them quickly.

You'll near the police station and be presented with a choice of paths:


Behind you, three crows will fly at you, again kill them as quick as you can,
if you have some free shotgun or sub machine-gun ammo, it might be better to
pull them out as you have a hectic time ahead.

When you fall to the ground, a single zombie will rush at you from the vents,
if you can't get a head shot, don't worry, it can be pretty hard.

Your character will stand up to face two more zombies, if you're lacking on
head shots, go ahead and get them here, but make sure to grab the herb on the
ground and to shoot as many lights out as you can in the tunnel, there's an
Umbrella archive file here. You'll also get a glance at the herb near the 
entrance of the police station from the Courtyard path, go ahead and grab it
for an extra boost.


Four zombies will stumble toward you, you have plenty of time to get criticals
on these if you wish. Grab the herb here. Behind you, a flock of crows will
attack, shoot quickly unless you want to be crow food.

~~~ End of Path Choices ~~~ 

With either path you choose, try to shoot the lanterns and sphere lights 
right outside of the station, there's an Umbrella archive file hiding around

Two dogs will guard the entrance to the police station, as well as two more
zombie-dogs behind you.

Zombies will surround you from all sides, if you want, you can try to get
criticals nearly on all of them (it's possible!).

Claire and Leon will enter the police station, unsure of what they will
find inside...

------------------------------Chapter 2 [WLK22]--------------------------------

This chapter will pick up where Chapter 1 left off with Claire and Leon 
entering the police station. You can instantly tell something's not right,
especially since there's a wounded cop on the ground leaning against the 
fountain. He identifies himself as Marvin Branagh, the man that was supposed
to be Leon's boss.

You and your partner will go in search of help, which means exploring the 
police station more. You'll go through a set of double-doors to a room that 
resembles some sort of clerical area. Pick up the weapon here, if you haven't
already played this chapter, you'll get a new weapon added to your status 
screen, immediately available to equip: the bow gun.

If you can, pull out your sub machine-gun and shoot up everything you're able
to, you'll get a bunch of auto-gold and 500 gold on the small table at the 
back end of the room.

As you leave this room, your partner will take lead, cautiously opening the
next door just as something catches your eye through the window, don't worry
you can't do anything about this just yet.

The next room has blood smeared everywhere imaginable, obviously something 
went down before Leon and Claire came into the picture. You'll see a mini-
scene of something rushing at you from behind, knocking you down. Claire and
Leon will get up and rush to the end of the hallway, unsure of what attacked 
them, the licker on the ceiling. The obvious weak-point is their nasty 
brain-heads. As you hurry through the next door, you'll catch a glimpse of yet
another licker joining the first.

Rushing through the hallway, zombie arms will reach through the boarded up
windows, use your shotgun if you can to not only kill the zombies quickly, but
to collect the auto-gold from the boards, there's also some shotgun ammo at 
the end of the hallway here.

Three zombies will block your path, try to get criticals on these. Around the
corner, you'll face another licker.

In the next room, you'll see tons of items to pick up, including sub
machine-gun ammo, an herb and 500 gold at the base of the stairs.

Two zombies will be in the dark part of the room near the under-side of the
stairs, soon to be joined by an awakening zombie at the foot of the stairs.
Again, get criticals on these if you can. Behind you, three more zombies will
rush from the doorway from where you just came, there's no rush on these 
either, so aim carefully. Also, shoot up the signs above their heads for some
nice auto-gold.

Claire and Leon will go upstairs and try to shoot the lights on the wall,
there's an Umbrella archive file hiding there. Continue shooting the lights
as best as you can as you reach the top of the stairs, there's yet another
Umbrella archive file in this area near the "Exit" sign. 

You'll see some statues and busts at the end of the hallway, if you need to
pull out your sub machine-gun to shoot the place up, there's lots of goodies
here like 500 gold and auto-gold, but don't miss the first-aid spray on the

In the area near the door behind a large, full-sized statue, you'll encounter
two more zombies, try to get head shots if you can. Shoot up the full-sized
statue for three grenades.

The door to leave this area will be marked with an "Open" action, but before
Claire and Leon actually leave, a cop-zombie will rush you so be quick on your
trigger finger.

As you move into the next hallway, you'll see a girl standing in the middle of
the hallway, seemingly afraid of you and backing up to run. You'll chase her,
but before you can catch up, you'll be blocked by a licker that breaks through
the window.

After it's dead, three more lickers will break through the windows behind you,
you don't have much time to kill these, so just continue on and be sure to
grab the shot gun ammo at the end of the hallway before you turn.

The girl will get attacked by a zombie and you won't have too much time to 
kill it as she'll just turn and run down the next hallway and Claire and Leon
will follow.

She'll climb through a small opening at the bottom of the door and Claire will
bust it down, determined to catch up with her. Soon, you'll find yourself in
another familiar area, running down the stairs chasing after the little girl.
On the landing, the zombie you saw earlier will awaken.

During this time, make an effort to shoot the lights as you go as you'll 
receive quite a bit of auto-gold.

The little girl will continue and eventually get attacked by another zombie
and two more zombies will be the same spot as the earlier two in the little
area right next to the stairs, you won't have much time to kill these either,
so throw a grenade or use your sub machine-gun if you want.

You'll see the little girl getting attacked by ANOTHER zombie (you think this
girl would learn NOT to run from the only two people who can talk), behind you
you'll get rushed by four more zombies, but won't have enough time to kill all
of these.

The little girl will fall to the ground, seemingly crying and you'll you'll
be ambushed by four more zombies behind you, again, not having much time with

As Claire and Leon run after her, they'll sleep and fall in the blood trail
that you saw earlier, catching a quick glance at a licker. Kill it as soon as
you get up.

Around the corner, a zombie will slide through the window, shoot the boxes
to the left of you, there's some nice auto-gold here. The licker will stalk
you to the end of the hallway, try to shoot it before it gets too close.

You'll go through the door that leads back to the clerical area. Pull out your
sub machine-gun and try to shoot the place up again, you'll pick up some sub
machine-gun ammo to the left of the door and some auto-gold for various other
items you destroy.

A licker will burst through the clerical window, kill it quickly before yet
another licker drops down from above.

When you go through the door, you'll recognize this area as the first part
from the beginning of this chapter. 

Claire and Leon will ask Marvin if he saw a little girl pass through, but he
won't answer, he's dead.

Turn around and there will be two zombies, take your time with these, if
you're lacking any head shots, try to get them here as three more zombies will
bust through the door from where you just came.

Claire and Leon turn back to Marvin as your partner will apologize for not
being quick enough just as Marvin awakes, as a zombie. He appears harder to
kill than other zombies, so just shoot to kill, ending the chapter.

------------------------------Chapter 3 [WLK23]--------------------------------

Claire and Leon will continue to wonder the police station looking for the 
little girl they met in the previous chapter.

After a couple of doors you'll see some pay phones opposite double doors, try
to shoot these up as sometimes you'll loot some auto-gold. After you go 
through the doors, you'll notice you're in a central area with desks. I suggest
you pull out your sub machine-gun and shoot the place up, you can grab some
great stuff, including grenades, 500 gold and a bunch more auto-gold. There's
an Umbrella archive file near the two desks to the left.

Something will catch your eye and you and your partner will turn just in time
to see a couple of zombies passing through the arch windows, if you want you
can take these out quick with a shotgun or your sub machine-gun.

A zombie will rush you from behind, kill it quick or it could do some damage
you can't afford (as you'll probably need it later).

Two more will wake up, this is a good chance to start racking up head shots.

Here, you'll get a chance of two paths:

** DETOUR **

Claire and Leon will stay in the desk area, several zombies will surround
you, don't be surprised if you can't kill them all immediately, you'll get
another chance. You jump on a desk, giving you a little bit more advantage
on head shots, the camera will dart in every direction around you, so try
to aim fast, or shoot to kill.

Claire and Leon will rush through the area, nearing the door.


Four zombies will come up behind you and you won't have much time to kill
these just yet, do your best to get as many as you can or you can just wait. 
Once you turn around you'll be presented with two more to get criticals on.

After you turn around again, you'll get the chance to finish off the zombies
you couldn't just a second ago, so try to kill the remaining ones (if you're
trying for an "S" you'll need a moderate amount of kills), you can take your
time this round.

~~~ End of Path Choices ~~~ 

You'll get a quick glance at the office near the exit, pick up three more
grenades, an herb and some definitely-needed sub machine-gun ammo.

Before you can leave, two more zombies will attack you, joined by more just
waking up, but you won't have much time to kill these.

Claire and Leon will rush through the door to the outside to find some
zombie-crows feasting on a dead body. They'll attack you and they can be
hard to see, if you need to, use your sub machine-gun. Be sure to pick up the
shotgun ammo here. 

You'll head for a set of stairs where you'll find an herb, and you'll also
get a chance to see the dozens of zombies outside of the fence, kill as many
as you can, this is a great place to throw a grenade or two.

Once you get to the top of the stairs, you'll fight another round of annoying
crows before entering the top part of the building. Your partner will suggest
you head right, shoot all the lights and paintings you can as you can find
some auto-gold and rack up the moolah.

After you take down the two zombies blocking your way (try to get criticals
on these if you're lacking in your head shots), you'll hear a helicopter,
but if you've ever played Resident Evil before, you know something bad is 
probably coming if you hear rescue...and you'd be right.

Claire and Leon hear a loud crash, and go around the corner to find a 
frickin' huge, bald guy in a Matrix coat (and looking like he belongs in the
Blue Man Group) jumping through the ceiling. He'll start stomping toward you.

           ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Mini Boss ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

TYRANT-103 (Thanks Gman1089)

Shoot for the head, I cannot stress this enough, SHOOT FOR ITS HEAD. Forget
the rest of his body and aim for the bright, shiny, bald part of the head or
he'll tear you a new one.

Claire and Leon quickly run back, thwarted by two zombies just waking up and
you probably won't have enough time to kill these. Grab the shotgun ammo at
the end of the hallway, you'll probably need the shells.

Once you turn around, if you don't kill those zombies you just ran passed, 
the big scary dude will take care of it for you by effortlessly knocking
them aside.

Claire and Leon fall to the ground and the big scary dude will tower over
them, dodge this.

If you hit him in the head enough times, he'll fall to his knees, this is
a good time to reload as he'll stop chasing you momentarily.

You'll get enough time to regroup yourself before he starts after you again,
use the same method and shoot his head until he falls to his knees.

Around the corner, a fire will block your way and what's worse, is big scary
dude just doesn't seem to die. 

If he looks like he's swinging his arms back to knock you, shoot his head
and it'll momentarily disorient him.

Shoot the smoke alarm right above the fire to put it out and resume the
chase. Grab the herb right after the fire and heal if you need to.

           ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ End Mini Boss ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Claire and Leon hear a girl scream and rush into the library to see the
little girl from the previous chapter getting attacked once again. No matter
how much you feel like letting the little girl get eaten, the game won't
progress until you kill the zombie attacking me, I've tried.

Two zombies will attack, get head shots if you can and break the vase behind
them, it houses a first-aid spray.

When you see the desk with two fake guns on the wall, shoot everything on
the desk, shooting the phone will give you an Umbrella archive file.

The little girl is hiding behind the desk, and when she sees you, she runs.
Again. Shoot her as much as you can, pull out your sub machine-gun if you
have to. Just kidding, no matter how much you shoot her...she won't fall down.

You'll get a quick glance of a zombie through the bookshelves as Claire and
Leon run after the girl.

Run through the door to see the little girl getting a zombie.
If you shoot the boxes to the right, you'll get 500 gold and there's some
sub machine-gun ammo to the left. Kill it and when they turn around, you'll 
be rushed by another zombie. There's 500 gold on the stand to the right of
the screen.

The girl finally seems to trust Claire and Leon now, she'll introduce
herself as Sherry, and says that her parents' laboratory is in the basement.

Your partner suggests they head to the basement. Claire and Leon get into the
elevator and head for the basement.

Soon, you'll get a chance to pocket an herb after you get off the elevator.
There's a licker behind you, kill it.

Before you get a chance to go through the next door, a bunch of slugs will
creep out from under it, you can probably kill these with just a handgun but
try to kill them all, they can give you auto-gold. If they latch onto you, you
may find it easier to just use your knife. Don't forget to grab the shotgun
ammo in this area before you head through the door.

You'll see a man talking to a dead girl on a coroner's table, pretty gross.
Claire and Leon will bust in and interrupt. He assumes they've come for the
G-Virus, in which they're obviously confused about. Leon recognizes him as
Chief Irons.

He looks at Sherry, as if he knows her, and she him. He starts vomiting
slime (I had the same reaction to Sherry) and transforming...into...

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Boss Fight ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

G ADULT BODY (Thanks Gman1089)

This is a pretty easy boss, as long as you stay persistent. It has two 
weakness that I can tell, it's head and an eyeball on the side of the body
that you won't be able to shoot until a little later.

The fight will start with a dodge, get it if you can as he can do some pretty
bad damage to you.

Pull out your shotgun and let loose on it's head, he'll eventually ram you
into a hole, where he'll send slugs flying on you. Shoot them before they 
latch on, they can give you some last-minute auto-gold.

Once you make it back to the surface, keep shooting its head, until he grabs
you and swings you around, Claire and Leon will note an eyeball on its left
side, right where his ribs should be, let loose on it with your sub

If you fail to get his health down substantially, he'll eventually knock you
into the hole again, to repeat the slug attack. So try to kill its health
as soon as you can.

Eventually, he'll keel over and die. Claire and Leon regroup to find that
Sherry has taken off...again.

------------------------------Chapter 4 [WLK24]--------------------------------

The chapter will start off with Claire and Leon continuing their search for
Sherry in the parking garage.

Three zombies will attack from the left, get head shots if you can and pick up
the sub machine-gun ammo behind them. Another zombie will crawl out from under
the police car on your right, kill it quick before it hurts you. Try to shoot
up the cars, you can get some auto-gold.

Claire and Leon get a glance of zombie-dogs running towards something at the
end of the garage. The scene cuts to a woman in a red dress whooping zombie-
dog ass. She introduces herself as Ada Wong, and continues to explain that
she's on a mission, looking for a man named Ben Bertolucci. The three continue
together through the parking garage.

Before you can leave though, three zombies will attack you from behind, you
won't continue until these are dead, so take your time and try for criticals.

You'll leave the parking garage and almost immediately get attacked by a
licker behind you, kill it quick and try to shoot out as many lights as you
can, they give auto-gold.

Leon tells everyone they need to work together if they want to make it out
alive. A sudden scream echos down the concrete hallway and the three rush
around the corner to see a large, deformed creature, it doesn't seem to notice
them as it continues through the door.

You'll continue on to an area that looks like a holding area, with a couple
of jail cells. Shoot out the lights above the cells for some auto-gold and an
Umbrella archive file. Grab the herb in the first cell before Claire, Leon and
Ada enter the second holding cell to see a freshly killed corpse. Ada 
recognizes the body as Ben Bertolucci.

As you leave the cell, two zombies will ambush you and then it will cut to a 
seen and Ada leaves as two more lickers will rush you from behind.

Claire and Leon will backtrack the way they came, four zombies will attack
around the corner (near where the big creature was). You'll then go through
the same door that the creature did. Grab everything you can, including the 
first aid spray on the floor, the 500 gold on the shelf and be sure to shoot
all the ceiling lights you can, there's an Umbrella archive file in this area.

You'll walk down another holding area where you see zombie-dogs inside, don't
bother shooting them just yet, you won't be able to kill them. Behind you, 
a zombie will attack your partner, try to kill it quick or it can hurt your
partner pretty bad.

Another zombie will awaken behind you, you won't have much time to kill it
until it joins up with three more zombies behind you, you'll now have time to
get head shots if you like.

The zombie-dogs will break out of their cells and rush you, kill them.

Your partner will point out a ladder leading downward and Leon mentions they
should go down to look for Ada. Claire is clearly bothered by the notion but
Leon insists he is only concerned. Claire and Leon go down into the sewers.

Two giant spiders will immediately attack you from the sewers, after you kill
them, try to shoot all the lights you can, you can get some more auto-gold
here. As the two continue, two more giant spiders will be on the walls, but
you won't have enough time to kill them just yet. 

You'll run forward and be cut off by another giant spider around the corner.
It will spew out baby spiders, so either pull out your sub machine-gun, or use
your knife to keep them from hurting you. You can also catch a glimpse of a
zombie waking up, kill it as soon as you can or you may find it easy to get

After those are dead, you'll get a chance to kill the two spiders that you 
didn't have enough time for a minute ago.

As you continue, you'll see a gate, but before you can go through it, the baby
spiders on the wall will lunge at you, use your sub machine-gun or knife to
keep them from hurting you.

After you go through the gate, four zombies will greet you around the corner.
Try to get head shots on these if you're trying to get an S, you'll need all
the head shots and points you can.

Slugs will crawl out from the gate you just came from, once again, don't be
afraid to use your sub machine-gun. More slugs will attack you from behind.

Leon will hear a bang and the two will rush to a vent near the ceiling, it's 
Ada. She'll pass you a new weapon, a Magnum and then tell Leon that this is
goodbye. Claire is clearly bothered, but offers to go after her. Leon says no,
saying if she can get out alive, then that's okay.

More slugs will attack you from behind, after you kill them, Claire and Leon
will continue through the door at the end of the hallway into a generator-like
room. There's some sub machine-gun ammo on the far right of the door, if you
can grab it before....

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Boss Fight ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


William can be a pain, he has a giant metal pipe that he will use to knock the
crap out of you. The shotgun can be pretty useful here, he has two noticeable
weak points, the eyeball in his right shoulder and his head. If he pulls his
arm back and looks like he's about to swing at you, try shooting his head, I
found this to be effective when trying to stop him from damaging you.

The battle is pretty straightforward though, Claire and Leon will run around
the generator room, dodging a scene every once in awhile, so keep your guard
up for those. If you miss, it can be pretty damaging.

Be sure to grab the herb in this area, especially if you've been knocked
around by him a lot.

Once Claire and Leon jump onto a large tank, you'll have an overview
advantage, use this to pump lead into that eyeball. After you jump down, grab
the shotgun shells behind William.

You'll eventually wear down his health, causing him to go berserk, he'll knock
you over the edge of the railing, pull out your shotgun and keep him from
hitting you so you'll have time to crawl back up.

Once you kill him, he'll fall over the railing to a horrible and temporary
death, unfortunately, the bridge will collapse, taking Leon with it.

It will cut to a scene with Leon trudging through the sewers where he meets
up with Ada once again. Only this time, there's a crazy lady convinced that
Ada's a thief and is shooting at her. Ada will run for her gun but the lady
in the lab coat shoots at her.

Leon pushes Ada out of the way, and in turn, gets shot in the arm.

------------------------------Chapter 5 [WLK25]--------------------------------

Leon is trudging through the tunnel, holding his arm. Claire rejoins him and
he explains how he was shot and how he saw Ada. You'll see a flashback of when
he was shot, Ada aids him as he pleads for her to help him, that he can't do
it alone. She'll reluctantly agree to help him, saying she still owes him, so
he better not die.

Back in the sewers, Claire and Leon continue their search for Sherry. A little
further down, three zombies will rush at you, you have plenty of time, so try
for head shots if you want to get a high score, trust me: this chapter can get
pretty crazy and you need all the head shots that you can get.

A single toad will swim out from the ground pipe, these can be annoying as
when they're floating, only a small portion of their head is exposed.

Claire and Leon will continue down the tunnel where two giant spiders will
attack above your partner's head, you won't have much time to kill these, so
use a shotgun or something that will kill them quickly.

You'll run down the sewers, where you'll be cut off by two more toads, there's
not a lot of time to take them out now. Claire and Leon will turn and back
themselves into a dead end, where the toads will swim after you. You can now
kill them.

After you slowly walk out of the dead end, you'll be able to get a few shots
off at the three spiders you couldn't kill before, unfortunately, you still
don't have enough time to kill all of them.

Claire and Leon run the opposite direction, to an area that's a little more
open. Grab the herb on the left side of the screen, and the shotgun shells
on the right before three zombies will awake from the water. Try to get
head shots on these to make up for the earlier missed kills (and future missed

As you pass under the bridge, you'll look up to see two zombies walking, you
can shoot them up and try to kill them for a couple more kills, just aim for
their feet or knees.

You'll continue on to two more giant spiders and a toad directly in front. Be
sure to grab the 500 gold on the left edge. Then you'll come to a little
intersection, with two zombies to your right and two toads in front of you.
Try to get as many criticals as you can.

Claire and Leon will climb up a ladder to a pipe with a large fan. You'll
probably want to pull out your sub machine-gun as hundreds of roaches will
crawl out from the pipe above you. If you *really* want to rack up your kills,
use your sub machine-gun on the first round, shortly followed by a grenade,
after you shoot your way through the fan, use your machine-gun on the next
round followed by another grenade. That should help maximize your kills for
this chapter (as long as you use this method for a few more parts to come).

Claire and Leon will then climb down another ladder back into the sewers.

Three zombies will attack you and you won't have much time, so shoot to kill.
Three more zombies will attack you from behind, try to get head shots if you
can. Claire and Leon will run down the tunnel and get a glimpse of four more
zombies, you can throw a grenade if you wish, to help maximize enemies

Grab the 500 gold at the end of the tunnel here before you turn right to grab
first aid spray and sub machine-gun ammo. 

You'll then turn to another open area with a bridge and a bunch of bodies
on the ground, they'll awaken and attack, try to get head shots here, you'll
probably miss a lot of zombies coming up.

Claire and Leon get surround and run up the stairs, throw a grenade if you
can to get a few more kills. Two more zombies will attack before you jump
off the bridge and continue down the tunnel.

Pick up the grenades here before you take down the giant spider by the ladder.
After you kill this one, it will spew out a bunch of baby spiders, use your
knife if they latch onto you, otherwise just blow them away with your sub

You'll go up the ladder into another pipe where you'll encounter more roaches,
don't be afraid to use more grenades here to rack up your kills, and then
you'll end up back in the sewers.

Claire and Leon pass through an iron gate before a big, scary dude drops down
from above, does he look familiar? It's the Tyrant-103 from a few chapters
back. The same method applies here, aim for the bald head and you should
be okay.

The Tyrant will pursue you relentlessly, bursting through the iron gate like
it was a cardboard box. Just keep shooting his head until he falls to his

You'll end up at an intersection where three zombies will arise from the
water, get criticals if you can.

At the end of the tunnel, you'll see Sherry crawling up the ledge, and as you
make your way toward her, a bunch of baby spiders will lunge at you from your
left, so have your sub machine-gun ready. As you continue down, a toad will
cut you off, kill it quickly if you value your overall time.

Claire and Leon will crawl up the same ledge that Sherry just did and pass
through a door into a much wider area. Grab the herb on your far right, along
with the 500 gold.

As you make your way across the tiny bridge, two toads will jump out from the
water. You'll get a quick glimpse of a toad above you and if you have good
aim and/or your shotgun out, you *can* kill this one (I know, I've done it
before). Two more toads will loom in the water on your right, they can do
a lot of damage if you don't dispose of them quickly.

You'll hear a voice behind you, it's the crazy lady that was shooting down
Ada. She now has Claire and Leon at gunpoint and is demanding to know what
their intentions are.

Claire pleads with her, asking her if they saw a girl named Sherry pass by.
The woman recognizes the name and goes on to say that Sherry is her daughter
(Like mother like daughter, I guess).

Annette then goes on to explain that William, Sherry's father, must be after

You'll see a flashback of operatives gunning down William (before he was a
big, nasty, eyeball-y creature), the operative, HUNK has confiscated all
samples of the G-Virus that William Birkin and his wife, Annette had

William is still barely alive, and injects himself with the G-Virus, then
nearly instantaneously transforms him. Annette explains that he wants to
procreate with Sherry (EW!). 

You'll cut back to present time, where Claire runs off to help Sherry,
Annette says she can't help, that only the vaccine from the underground lab
can help her as Sherry's already been planted with an embryo.

Claire and Leon leave the room and almost immediately runs into Sherry,
where she's getting attacked again by a zombie. Try to nab the sub machine-gun
ammo to the right here before saving Sherry (I'm horrible, I know). Once you
kill it, you'll turn around to find your partner getting attacked as well,
kill it quick as your partner may need all the health he/she can get.

Sherry runs to the end of the tunnel and screams. When Claire and Leon
approach her, the ground will start rumbling, beginning the...

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Boss Fight ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


This boss battle can be a real pain. The giant croc will lunge forward at you
with it's oversized mouth, and when it does, use your shotgun to hold it back.

After a couple of minutes, you'll be able to shoot the red valve above the
croc to cause a huge explosion.

The croc may look dead, but it's not. Claire and Leon run around the corner
where the croc follows and busts some crates open. Be sure to grab all the
items here, as you can get an herb and possibly a couple (up to three)
Umbrella archive files.

You'll run past the croc and back into the place where you started the boss
fight. Just keep shooting at its mouth, when it opens really wide and comes
at you, shoot it to keep it from hurting you.

Try to get all the dodge scenes you can, this will cause the croc to move
forward, exposing some gas tanks chained up on the sides.

When you shoot the tank, it will roll into the middle of the tunnel, where
the croc will chomp on it and hold it in its mouth for a few seconds. HURRY
and shoot the tank when it's in the croc's mouth, I cannot stress this enough,
if you don't do it quickly enough, it will spit it back out and hurl it
toward you.

If this happens, just shoot the tank on the opposite side and try again.

When you finally manage to shoot the tank when it's in the croc's mouth, it
will explode and finally kill the bastard of a boss. Congratulations!

[SCR00] - Scoring

                    _____                 _             
                   /  ___|               (_)            
                    `--.  ___  ___  _ __ _ _ __   __ _ 
                    `--. / __|/ _ | '__| | '_  / _` |
                   /__/ / (__| (_) | |  | | | | | (_| |
                   ____/ ___|___/|_|  |_|_| |_|__, |
                                                   __/ |

[TITLE] - Titles : Achievements

                          _____ _ _   _          
                         |_   _(_) | | |         
                           | |  _| |_| | ___ ___ 
                           | | | | __| |/ _ | __|
                           | | | | |_| |  __|__ 
                           _/ |_|__|_|___|___/

[MONST] - Monsters

                   ___  ___                _                 
                   |  /  |               | |                
                   | .  . | ___  _ __  ___| |_  ___ _ __ ___ 
                   | |/| |/ _ | '_ / __| __|/ _  '__/ __|
                   | |  | | (_) | | | __  |_|  __/ |  __ 
                   _|  |_/___/|_| |_|___/__|___|_|  |___/