Final Fantasy VIII PC Cheats

Cheat Codes

You can't directly edit the save game file of FF8 because you'll definitely ruin your save game data. You need to edit the item while the game is running. The memory location of the item begins with 01CFE885.
It is in the format XXYY, where XX is the item code and YY is the quantity of the item. (in Hex) All you need is a in-game memory editor. Here is the item list:
Potion 01
Potion+ 02
Hi-Potion 03
Hi-Potion+ 04
X-Potion 05
Mega Potion 06
Phoenix Down 07
Mega Phoenix Dn 08
Elixir 09
Mega Elixir 0A
Antidote 0B
Soft 0C
Eye Drops 0D
Echo Screen 0E
Holy Water 0F
Remedy 10
Remedy+ 11
Hero Trial 12
Hero 13
Holy War Trial 14
Holy War 15
Shell Stone 16
Protect Stone 17
Aura Stone 18
Death Stone 19
Holy Stone 1A
Flare Stone 1B
Meteor Stone 1C
Ultima Stone 1D
Gysahl Greens 1E
Phoenix Pinion 1F
Friendship 20
Tent 21
Pet House 22
Cottage 23
G-Potion 24
G-Hi-Potion 25
G-Mega-Potion 26
G-Returner 27
Rename Card 28
Amnesia Greens 29
HP-J Scroll 2A
Str-J Scroll 2B
Vit-J Scroll 2C
Mag-J Scroll 2D
Spr-J Scroll 2E
Spd-J Scroll 2F
Luck-J Scroll 30
Aegis Amulet 31
Elem Atk 32
Elem Guard 33
Status Atk 34
Status Guard 35
Rosetta Stone 36
Magic Scroll 37
GF Scroll 38
Draw 39
Item 3A
Gambler Sprit 3B
Healing Ring 3C
Phoenix Sprit 3D
Med Kit 3E
Bomb Sprit 3F
Hungry Cookpot 40
Mog's Amulet 41
Steel Pipe 42
Star Fragment 43
Energy Crystal 44
Samantha Soul 45
Healing Mail 46
Sliver Mail 47
Gold Armor 48
Diamond Armor 49
Regan Ring 4A
Giant's Ring 4B
Gaea's Ring 4C
Strength Love 4D
Power Wrist 4E
Hyper Wrist 4F
Turtle Shell 50
Orihalcon 51
Adamantine 52
Rune Armlet 53
Force Armlet 54
Magic Armlet 55
Circlet Armlet 56
Hypno Crown 57
Royal Crown 58
Jet Engine 59
Rocket Engine 5A
Moon Curtain 5B
Steel Curtain 5C
Glow Curtain 5D
Accelerator 5E
Monk's Code 5F
Knight's Code 60
Doc's Code 61
Hundred Needles 62
Three Stars 63
Ribbon 64
Normal Ammo 64
Shotgun Ammo 65
Dark Ammo 67
Fire Ammo 68
Demolition Ammo 69
Fast Ammo 6A
AP Ammo 6B
Pulse Ammo 6C
M-Stone Piece 6D
Magic Stone 6E
Wizard Stone 6F
Ochu Tentacle 70
Healing Water 71
Cookatrice Pinio72
Zombie Powder 73
Lightweight 74
Sharp Spike 75
Screw 76
Saw Blade 77
Mesmerize Blade 78
Vampire Fang 79
Fury Fragment 7A
Betrayal Sword 7B
Sleeping Powder 7C
Life Ring 7D
Dragon Fang 7E
Spider Web 7F
Coral Fragment 80
Curse Spike 81
Black Hole 82
Water Crystal 83
Missile 84
Mystery Fluid 85
Running Fire 86
Inferno Fang 87
Marlboro Tentacl 88
Whisper 89
Laser Cannon 8A
Barrier 8B
Power Generator 8C
Dark Matter 8D
Bomb Fragment 8E
Red Fang 8F
Artic Wind 90
North Wind 91
Dynamo Stone 92
Shear Feather 93
Venom Fang 94
Steel Orb 95
Moon Stone 96
Dino Stone 97
Windmill 98
Dragon Skin 99
Fish Fin 9A
Dragon Fin 9B
Silence Powder 9C
Poison Powder 9D
Dead Sprit 9E
Chef's Knife 9F
Cactus Thorn A0
Shaman Stone A1
Fuel A2
Girl Next-Door A3
Sorceress's Let A4
Chocobo's Tag A5
Pet Nametag A6
Solomon Ring A7
Magical Lamp A8
HP Up A9
Str Up AA
Vit Up AB
Mag Up AC
Spr Up AD
Spd Up AE
Luck Up AF
Luv Luv G B0
Weapon Mon 1st B1
Weapon Mon March B2
Weapon Mon April B3
Weapon Mon May B4
Weapon Mon June B5
Weapon Mon July B6
Weapon Mon Aug B7
Combat King 0001 B8
Combat King 0002 B9
Combat King 0003 BA
Combat King 0004 BB
Combat King 0005 BC
Pet Pals Vol.1 BD
Pet Pals Vol.2 BE
Pet Pals Vol.3 BF
Pet Pals Vol.4 C0
Pet Pals Vol.5 C1
Pet Pals Vol.6 C2
Occult Fan I C3
Occult Fan II C4
Occult Fan III C5
Occult Fan IV C6

Lots of Items with Little Work
Beat the game up to the point when you can get Boko (the baby chocobo in the first chocobo forest). Run the sidequest game until you have a lot of items. Turn on FF8, and go to the save menu. Press ctrl-esc. Go to c:program filessquaresoftfinal fantasy VIIsave and make a copy of the file chocorpg on your desktop. Go back into FF8 and bring Boko into your world, getting all of the items he collected in the side quest. Put him back into his world, and save. Press ctrl-esc. Copy your copy of chocorpg over the one in the save file. Go back into FF8. If you try to get Boko back into your world, you will get more items without having to let the side quest run, and if you let it run for a long time the first time, you can get a lot of good stuff over and over without much work.

Instant view of the exciting ending when fighting Sorceres Ultimacia
Use Squall's Lion Heart in battle with her first form and then use Diablo which will not damage her much but will bring her accuracy down to nothing and your luck up to 99 and use his lion heart once more. If you do not get a lionheart the second time on his second attacks, start the process over. If you get it correctly which is very easy since your luck is at 99, the screen will start turning black and blinks for a few times, it is not broken or anything but you will then see the ending.