Box art - Super Street Fighter IV 3D Edition

Super Street Fighter IV 3D Edition Codes and Secrets


Secret How to Unlock

Fight Akuma

In order to make the master of the satsu no hado appear, you must beat arcade mode without continuing and recieve at least one perfect. After you defeat Seth, Akuma will appear to challenge you. Defeat him and you will recieve the "Akuma Killer" title.

Fight Your 2nd Rival (Arcade Mode)

During Arcade Mode, when "Fight Your Rival" flashes on to the screen, hold the R button. When the match starts, you'll fight your character's 2nd Rival. (Example, instead of fighting Sagat in Ryu's Arcade Mode, you'll fight Ken)


Codes must be entered in the Figure Collection Menu and are case-sensitve.

Golden Blanka FigurineDmdkeRvbxc
Golden Chun-Li FigurinezAAkcHVbHk
Golden E. Honda FigurineuUDsTlmbUN
Golden Guile FigurineqeJkznDbKE
Golden Ryu FigurineKjckTnSbwK
Golden Vega FigurineCgIsQNWbHu (I = uppercase i)
Golden Zangief FigurinehinsVnebTu
Silver Akuma FigurineRYSsPxSbTh
Silver Balrog FigurinePqUswOobWG
Silver Chun-Li FigurinetLWkWvrblz
Silver Cody FigurinenaMkEQgbQG
Silver Dan FigurinerDRkkSIbqS (l = uppercase i)
Silver Ibuki FigurineilMsRBabpB
Silver Juri FigurineOfQkARpbJR
Silver Ken FigurineNyosHgybuW
Silver Makoto FigurineGHakWCTbsl
Silver Rose FigurineGKkkXXtbSe
Silver Sakura FigurineuzTsXzIbKn (I = uppercase i)
Special Akuma FigurineuQHkWgYbJC