Box art - Deus Ex: Human Revolution

Deus Ex: Human Revolution PS3 Cheats

Cheat Codes

Easier Passcode Input

When inputting keycodes or passwords, you may use a USB keyboard for the Playstation 3 or Xbox 360 to serve as your "keyboard". You may also use a system-approved mini-keyboard (or chat keyboard) for this purpose.

Infinite XP Hacking Exploit

Best find a terminal that has a lot of XP awards (Adam Jensen’s laptop in Sarif Industries is a good candidate, as revealed by the dude in the video).
    Save the game before attempting to hack a terminal or device.
    You will be reloading the save file made in step 1 after each successful hacking attempt.
    Successfully hack the device (preferably the security node, so you unlock all the data stores).
    Use as many Nuke Viruses and Stop Worms as you need, since you will be reloading the game.
    Once the device hacking is successful, you will be presented with the hacking results screen, and the prompt to continue.
    Do not press the button to continue.
    Load the save game made in step 1 instead.
    Repeat steps 3 to 7. You will notice the totals on the hacking results screen increase & accrue from your previous attempts.
    When you are ready to barf twice, accept the hacking results and the “Updates” notifications will show the results of all your prior attempts.
Note: The data packets earned from hacking and reloading are are still issued if you complete a on different terminal. So, if you milk Jensen's terminal, you can walk accross the hall and still get it all.

Easy Storage

If you want to store an item instead of lugging it around, just throw it on the ground.  The game always saves the location of items -- even if you leave the region.

Terminal Usernames and Passwords

Here is a list of every Terminal and Security Terminal username and password in Deus Ex Human Revolution.

Sarif HQ
Sarif Industries F2 | User: fpritchard | Pass: nuclearsnke
Sarif Industries F3 | User: tbruger | Pass: eclipse
Sarif Industries F3 | User: ajenson | Pass: mandrake
Sarif's Office | User: amargoulis | Pass: gsspgirl
Factoring Lans F1 | User: doutchman | Pass: windmill
Admin F2 | User: fmarchand | Pass: factotum
Admin F2 | User: gthorpe | Pass: hydro
Admin F2 | User: rmccauf | Pass: hvywethr
Admin F2 | User: sgrimes | Pass: ovid
Admin F2 | User: tcaldwell | Pass: talon
Admin F2 | User: mross | Pass: lions
Admin F2 | User: fbrooks | Pass: tipple
Admin F2 | User: vclark | Pass: tigers
Admin F2 | User: cparker | Pass: zinc
Admin F2 | User: mlatona | Pass: redwings
Admin F4 | User: jthorpe | Pass: hydra
Factoring Labs F1 | User: doutchman | Pass: windmill

Jenson's Apartment Lobby | User: sterhorst | Pass: queenbee
Apartment 3 F2 | User: docta | Pass: atcod
Apartment 3 F1 | User: omalley | Pass: trojan
Police Department F1 | User: bsterling | Pass: investor
Police Department F1 | User: pdick | Pass: lectrolam
Police Department F1 | User: jballard | Pass: solempire
Police Department F1 | User: jchampagne | Pass: grimster
Police Department F1 | User: wgibson | Pass: baronnull
Police Department F1 | User: rdeckard | Pass: unicorn
Police Department F1 | User: hellison | Pass: cordwainer
Police Department F1 | User: bbethke | Pass: maverick
Police Department F1 | User: pcadigan | Pass: desprit
Police Department F1 | User: mfrezell | Pass: liezerf
Police Department F1 | User: whass | Pass: catharsis
Police Department F2 | User: fnicefield | Pass: patriotism
Police Department F2 | User: cleboeuf | Pass: dasteer
Police Department F2 | User: rpenn | Pass: apophenion
Police Department F3 | User: cwagner | Pass: fuckface
Police Department F3 | User: fmccann | Pass: solanum
Police Department F3 | User: jalexander | Pass: basileus
Police Department F3 | User: bgum | Pass: justicar
Police Department F3 | User: guest | Pass: password1
Police Department F3 | User: amurphy | Pass: thighgun

Fema Camp
Fema Yard F1 | User: wks0012 | Pass: ntlec59
Fema Yard F1 | User: spaxxor | Pass: neuralhub
Fema Interior B1 | User: spaxxor | Pass: neuralhub
Fema Interior B1 | User: spaxxor | Pass: neuralhub
Fema Interior B1 | User: wks0010 | Pass: usprokt
Fema Interior B1 | User: lbarret | Pass: bullskull
Fema Interior B3 | User: spaxxor | Pass: neuralhub
Fema Interior B3 | User: spaxxor | Pass: neuralhub
Fema Interior B3 | User: wks2011 | Pass: crrctions
Fema Interior B3 | User: wks3021 | Pass: hmldsec1
Fema Interior B3 | User: wks4145 | Pass: hmldsec2

Hung Hua Hotel | User: msuen | Pass: oleander
Alice Gardens Pod 1 | User: asgarden | Pass: rbbthole
The Hive | User: bbao | Pass: vanguard
The Hive | User: wbees | Pass: paperfan

Tay Zong Medical
Pool | User: poolrm | Pass: pelagic
F1 | User: lgeng | Pass: gehong
F3 | User: zarvlad | Pass: muonrule
F3 | User: rkumar | Pass: outback
F4 | User: nemuni | Pass: ironfist
F4 | User: tymmf | Pass: ebrain
F4 | User: gengl | Pass: pangutym

F3 | User: mwells | Pass: lavadome
F3 | User: jricard | Pass: macro
F3 | User: atresman | Pass: skylark
F3 | User: sbernard | Pass: dumbass
F6 | User: jkenney | Pass: montroyal
F6 | User: dgassner | Pass: oneida
Restricted Area F1 | User: pcorbo | Pass: spitfire
Restricted Area F1 | User: bshupper | Pass: widget
Restricted Area F1 | User: jchapman | Pass: diode
Restricted Area F1 | User: jchapman | Pass: diode
Restricted Area F2 | User: emasse | Pass: moufette
Restricted Area F2 | User: bnorthco | Pass: sterling
Restricted Area F3 | User: ltodd | Pass: titom

Detroit Convention Center
F3 | User: wtaggart | Pass: marjorie

Territory B1 | User: zhengl | Pass: hirollr
Territory B2 | User: ttong | Pass: mirrshds

Hengsha Seaport
Seaport F2 | User: prmtr01 | Pass: collosus
Seaport F3 | User: jwang | Pass: mainman

Omega Ranch
F1 | User: dfalk | Pass: topfrag
F1 | User: eblake | Pass: hndstuth
F1 | User: dabblett | Pass: monastic
F1 | User: ogomez | Pass: techsmex
F1 | User: lmorano | Pass: morpheus
F2 | User: aoconnor | Pass: keppler
F2 | User: pwalts | Pass: ruckus

Port of Entry | User: kathys | Pass: mssinghme
Landing Pad | User: amelie | Pass: lstforever
Hyron Project | User: hualing | Pass: iwntlove
Hyron Project | User: daiyu | Pass: frgottn
Hyron Project | User: marilyn | Pass: yyyyyy
Tower | User: isabella | Pass: rhemmberme

Easter Eggs

1984 Reference

After the introduction, when you are walking back into Sarif HQ (during a cutscene), note that the side of the security cameras references "Big Bro Surveillance." That's a nod to George Orwell's classic science fiction novel, 1984, wherein people's actions are monitored by the menacing "Big Brother."

Deus Ex Reference: Smash the State

There's a sidequest where you run into Officer Nicholas (after obtaining Sandoval's location mid-to-lateway in the game) and are told to eliminate Jacob White (a member of Motor City Bangers).  According to your mission log, the sidequest is named Smash the State.  This is a reference to the original Deus Ex in which "smashthestate" was used as one of the first obtainable security logins used for gaining access to a central building on Liberty Island.  The pocket secretary that you pick up from White also references smashthestate in the address heading.


Trophy Description
Acquaintances Forgotten (Bronze) Follow Pritchard's lead to uncover the truth.
Balls (Bronze) Seems you like playing with balls, eh?
Bar Tab (Bronze) Help the Hive Bartender settle a tab.
Cloak & Daggers (Bronze) Deal with the man in the shadows.
Consciousness is Over-rated (Bronze) Knock out 100 enemies in a single playthrough.
Corporate Warfare (Bronze) Protect a client's interests by performing a less-than-hostile takeover.
Darker Shades (Bronze) You convinced a fast-talking bartender to let you see Tong Si Hung.
Deus Ex Machina (Silver) Experience all the different endings that Deus Ex: Human Revolution has to offer.
Doctorate (Silver) Read all 29 unique XP books within a single playthrough.
First Hack (Bronze) Perform your first Hack successfully.
First Takedown (Bronze) Perform your first Takedown. Civilians don't count, so be nice.
Foxiest of the Hounds (Gold) Complete Deus Ex: Human Revolution without setting off any alarms.
Ghost (Bronze) You made it through an entire hostile area without so much as a squeak.
Good Soul (Bronze) Against all odds, you saved Faridah Malik's life.
Guardian Angel (Bronze) You paid poor Jaya's debt in full. How very... humane... of you.
Gun Nut (Bronze) Fully upgrade one of your weapons.
Hangar 18 (Bronze) You found and read the secret message. Now you know too much...
Hax0r1! (Bronze) Successfully hack 50 devices within the same playthrough.
Kevorkian Complex (Bronze) You granted a dying man his final request.
Ladies Man (Bronze) You convinced Mengyao to spill the beans on the mysterious Hyron Project.
Legend (Gold) Complete Deus Ex: Human Revolution at its hardest setting without ever changing the difficulty.
Lesser Evil (Bronze) Deal with Mr. Carella's indiscretion.
Lucky Guess (Bronze) Next time, Jacob better use a more complex code to arm his bombs.
Motherly Ties (Bronze) Put a grieving mother's doubts to rest.
Old School Gamer (Bronze) You found all the hidden story items in Megan's office. Point and Click much?
Opportunist (Bronze) Perform 50 takedowns within the same playthrough. (Civilians don't count.)
Pacifist (Gold) Complete Deus Ex: Human Revolution without anyone dying by your hand. (Boss fights don't count.)
Platinum (Platinum) You unlocked every trophy in the game.
Rotten Business (Bronze) Help a lady in the oldest of professions clean house.
Sentimental Value (Bronze) You kept Megan's bracelet for yourself. Apparently, letting go really is the hardest part.
Shanghai Justice (Bronze) It may take some sleuthing, but justice must be served.
Smash the State (Bronze) Help Officer Nicholas take out the trash.
Super Sleuth (Bronze) You really nailed your case against Lee Hong.
Talion A.D. (Bronze) Descend into the bowels of an urban jungle and confront a warrior-priest.
The Bull (Bronze) You defeated Lawrence Barrett, elite member of a secret mercenary hit squad.
The D Project (Silver) You watched the entire credit list and saw the surprise at the end.
The Desk Job (Bronze) You convinced Wayne Haas to let you into the morgue.
The End (Bronze) You defeated Zhao Yun Ru and destroyed the Hyron Project.
The Fall (Bronze) You sent Diamond Chan on the trip of a lifetime.
The Final Countdown (Bronze) You showed millionaire Hugh Darrow that his logic was flawed.
The Last Straw (Bronze) You talked Doctor Isaias Sandoval out of suicide.
The Mantis (Bronze) You defeated Yelena Fedorova, elite member of a secret mercenary hit squad.
The Snake (Bronze) You defeated Jaron Namir, Leader of Belltower's Elite Special Operations Unit.
The Take (Bronze) Greedy bastard. You accepted O'Malley's blood money and let him go.
The Throwdown (Bronze) You convinced the smooth-talking politician Bill Taggart to tell the truth in public.
Transhumanist (Bronze) Fully upgrade your first augmentation of choice.
Trooper (Silver) Complete Deus Ex: Human Revolution.
Unforeseen Consequence (Bronze) You convinced Zeke Sanders to let his hostage go.
Up the Ante! (Bronze) Upgrade your first weapon of choice.
Yes Boss (Bronze) You had an argument with your boss, David Sarif, and won.