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Tomb Raider,Tomb Raider (2013) Relic Locations Guide

Tomb Raider Relic Locations Guide

Area Item Name Location Description
Coastal Forest (1) Hannya Mask There should be room with waterway as an entrance. Lara can find this Relic in a small chest along the right side of the room on a table.
Coastal Forest (2) Female Noh Mask In the southeast corner of the map, there should be a bridge. Beneath it, there is a corpse near several planks with a chest with this Relic on top of them.
Coastal Forest (3) Oni Noh Mask A good time to locate this relic is after discovering the shrine on the western side of the map. From there, walk north and keep Lara's eyes peeled for a semi-hidden cave that has a corpse with arrows and a small chest with this Relic.
Mountain Temple (1) Green Folded Fan Lara will eventually land in a burning building via zipline. If Lara follows the stone path southward, she'll come across a painted wall but don't climb it just yet. Head further down the stairs and grab the stone lamp, which will illuminate the room on the roof of the building nearby. If Lara gets through the slightly destroyed walls, she can find a small chest in the center of the room with this Relic.
Mountain Temple (2) Gunbai War Fan Follow the instructions for Mountain Temple (1), but climb the painted wall this time. Head south a bit and up the set of stone stairs, turn right at the top, and then have Lara climb onto the roof of the nearby building. Along the wall to the east, there's a ruined portion of the wall where Lara can enter the second story. A small chest hides here with the Relic.
Mountain Village - Nighttime (1) Silver Flask Lara will escape the first village area by way of a small beam. After traversing it, there will be a set of wooden stairs that Lara can take to a ruined shelf. A small chest on the left contains this Relic.
Mountain Village -Nighttime(2) Yagen After Lara reaches and clears the upper areas of the waterfall, she can jump to the building on the west side of the map. The northeast side of the building has two opportunities for wall scrambling. Do so and she can reach the wooden ledge on the north end, which leads to a room with the Relic in a chest on the table.
Base Approach (1) Bronze Chinese Coin Once Lara completes the Broken Tunnel Base Camp, peer to the southeast edge of the camp. A chest with this Relic rests near some trash.
Base Approach (2) Bronze Japanese Coin Upon removing all guards from the ruins base entrance, have Lara go inside and take the stairs to the second floor. Go left and follow the balcony all the way to the end where this Relic hides among some litter.
Base Exterior (1) Japanese Dogtags 1 After crossing and clearing the bridge, head straight to the building that overlooks the path. Head to the east side of this building and climb up to a path, which goes around to the west side. Here, a blanket is a chest with this Relic.
Base Exterior (2) Marksmanship Badge A large building exists in the southwest corner of the map. Head through its double doors, up the stairs, to a metal door in the northwest where Lara must use her axe to open. The chest with the Relic is on top of some wooden crates to the left.
Mountain Village - Daytime (1) Medicinal Herb Vial (1) Lara can use the Rope Arrow to exit the area with the Village Overlook Base Camp. After landing and removing the Solarii threat around the wooden house, you can head to the west wall where there is a chest with the Relic inside.
Mountain Village - Daytime (2) Old Photograph Once Lara leaves the Hall of Ascension Tomb, head south to a ledge where she can drop onto a roof. Go to the ground and under the roof to fight the chest with this Relic.
Mountain Village - Third Visit (1) Dried Gobo Root From the Village Plateau Base Camp, go northwest. Lara should see the first statue she lit for the Illumination Challenge. Nearby is a roped door that can be opened by using your bow on its hinges. This small shed holds a chest with this Relic.
Mountain Village - Third Visit (2) USMC Dogtags The plane crashing should open a new dirt path directly west of the Village Plateau Base. Past the tail of the plane should be a house to the southwest. In the southwest corner of this house will be a chest with this Relic. 
Shantytown (1) Decorative Inro South of Helicopter Hill Base Camp, there should be two staircases. Head down them both, go south to a ramp that goes toward a building, and enter it. Turn west and Lara should see a weak barricade that can be burned down or pulled out with a bow, to reveal a room with a small table with a chest with this Relic on it.
Shantytown (2) Jade Horse Start at the building that has an entrance to the caves that leads to the Well of Tears Tomb. From here, go northwest and find a building that has two stacks of crates with X brackets. West of the crates, there should be barricade, blastable with a shotgun. Head inside and turn right to find this Relic in a chest on a shelf along the north wall.
Shantytown (3) Commander's Inro Lara can find a makeshift bridge in the southwest area of the map. From here go north, beyond the the wooden stairs, and to the towering structure ahead with a rusted metal ramp that leads to it. Inside in a chest with this Relic.
Shantytown (4) Metal Inro After heading down the stairs from the Helicopter Hill Base Camp, go east and cross the area until Lara finds a small stone staircase. Destroy the shotgun barricade, deal with the Solarii, and go up three flights of stairs going east. Head right and get through the balcony area heading southeast. Move beyond the painted wall and and enter the upper room where there is chest with this Relic.
Shantytown (5) Scribe's Inro This Relic is reachable only after defeating the Solarii that ambush Lara after she attempts to reach Grim for the first time. While traversing the metal towers heading north, stop after clearing the wooden bridge. Head east across the bridge and Lara should find some lumber beneath a painted wooden wall. Go north along the wooden balcony to some crates, then move right and destroy the barricade with the shotgun to find this Relic in a chest on the table of the room.
Shantytown (6) Jade Water Buffalo Start at the building with the entrance to the Well of Tears Tomb within it. Go down the stairs and head north to the circular cage. After traversing the first set of stairs to the right, turn east. Trot between the railing and the building going east until Lara finds a set of wooden stairs. After jumping onto the landing to the east, go southeast and jump to the next landing to the southeast. Then jump on the white railing to the right and then face north east before jumping once more to the next floor left of the barbed wire. Take a few steps northwest before turning right and seeing a barricade blastable with a shotgun. Inside is a chest with this Relic. Whew!
Shantytown (7) Jade Drinking Vessel Clear the windmill blades of enemies and drop down to the ground. From here, take the wooden stairs that leads to the east, then go north past the bush. Going east, below another flight of wooden stairs, under a building, and there should be a table with a barrels and a chest with the Relic on it.
Geothermal Caverns (1) Funeral Fan From the Pit Base Camp, enter the large cavern and face northwest, where Lara should be able to see some candles on a rock wall. Get to the ledge below the candles and there will be an alcove with this Relic in a chest near a skeleton.
Geothermal Caverns (2) Wedding Fan South of the Catacombs Base Camp is a metal crate adorned with skulls, candles, and a chest on top of it with this Relic inside.
Geothermal Caverns (3) Inscribed Silk Fan There should be a room where Solarii are performing a sacrifice to the Sun Queen. West of the altar there is a stream that goes northwest and hides another altar at its end. Among the wooden planks here is a chest with this Relic.
Summit Forest (1) Chao Dynasty Dagger Head east from the Summit Marsh Camp, down the stairs and through the wooden archway. Move towards the helicopter wreckage to the southeast and Lara will find a fallen log amongst some trees. Resting east of the log is this Relic.
Summit Forest (2) Jade Cermonial Dagger Head southeast from the entrance of the large forest area. Moving along the western area of the map, walk to a fallen tree that can be traversed to a scalable rock wall. After climbing the ledge, jump across the gap to the northwest tree stand and use the rope to the another tree stand with this Relic on the stand.
Summit Forest (3) Japanese Ceremonial Dagger Start from the southernmost bridge and head northeast to the west of the plane wing. Climbing the ledge here, go to the map edge to the east and jump toward the plane wing. After crossing the wing, zip line to the right and head southwest up the rope to a tree stand. Drop down from the rope and face east, where there is a small ledge that can be jumped over. A small chest is here with the Relic.
Shipwreck Beach - Day (1) Brown Jade Ink Box From the gunboat Reyes is working on, go south along the pier and up the ladder at the crane, where Lara can zip line down to the galleon. Go through until Lara obtains the Block and Tackle and the mast crashes down, which allows Lara to traverse the mast.Follow the path and enter the small shack, with a chest containing this Relic.
Shipwreck Beach - Day (2) Stuffed Bunny With the help of the bow gifted by Jonah, Lara can conquer the ruined boat on the east. Get to the top floor and go southeast to a beam that crosses the gap. Drop down to the floor below and continue southeast to the right of the green pipes. The room on the left has a chest with this Relic.
Shipwreck Beach - Day (3) Worn Wallet From the tower to the southwest, zip line down to the northeast. Continue moving northeast and jump to the next ledge, at which a bunker with a metal door going into the side of the cliff is visible. Open the door with the Axe, enter the building, take a few steps right, turn left, and enter the doorway. Climb the ladder, turn east, and then run to the edge of the floor and jump east to the rocky wall, where you can use the Climbing Axe to reach the next level. Crawl through the passage and then Wall Scramble up the wood wall to the west and follow the path until Lara reaches the upper level of the bunker by way of a wooden ramp. Inside is a chest with the Relic.
Shipwreck Beach - Day (4) Stained Jade Head Rest Again, get to the top floor of the ruined boat on the east side. Move southeast past the large Salvage crate and near the beam that crosses the gap, drop down to the floor. Head northeast an drop down once more near the blue cloth drapes. Move a few steps southwest and there should be a table in between some support beams with a chest with this relic on top of the table.
Shipwreck Beach - Day (5) Shaped Jade Head Rest Follow the steps for the Worn Wallet until Lara pries off the metal door with Axe. Enter the building, take a few steps right, and go through the doorway to the left. A table should be to the left with a chest containing this Relic.
Shipwreck Beach - Day (6) Toy Train Once again from the ruined boat on the east side of the map, slide down to the peninsula. Head south, jump from the metal ramp to the concrete post, then jump and scramble up the wooden wall. Near the two barrels on the walkway, jump over the gap to the west onto a wooden ledge. Through the doorway is yellow ladder to another wooden walkway. If Lara goes to the northwest edge of the walkway and turns around, she should be able to see a barricade above the wooden rungs. Blast it open with a shotgun, wall scramble up to this newfound opening, and find the Relic inside.
Cliffside Bunker (1) Japanese 2 Sen Coin Northeast of the Durance Overlook Camp is a garage near a rusted truck. Inside the garage is a chest containing this Relic.
Cliffside Bunker (2) 100 Mon Coin After visiting the Endurance, go to the Endurance Overlook Camp and drop down through the hall. Pry the metal door with the Axe, step through, and look right. Use the Rope Ascender tool to pull open the door. Climb in through the doorway, turn right and there should be a chest with this Relic on top of a desk.
Cliffside Bunker (3) Portuguese Tin Coin With the Rope Ascender in hand, trace Lara's steps to the room with the large cannon. Look northwest and there should be a wall that can be opened with the tool, where the path should lead to a chest with this Relic.
Research Base (1) Chou Dynasty Helmet Once Lara enters the Research Base, jump across the gap to the northwest and latch onto the rock wall by using the Climbing Axe. Scale down the wall and let go as Lara drops pasts the metal gate and then quickly reattach the axe at the next lowest rock wall. Drop down into the water and find a spot where Lara can blow up the metal wall with the grenade launcher. Go to the new entrance and blast open another metal wall high to the north. Enter this new room and wall scramble up the wall to a secret area with a chest with this Relic inside.
Research Base (2) Ceremonial Helmet  Break all the gears on the elevator and it will crash. Drop down to level one in the elevator shaft and move through the hole in the southwest. Then go through the gap in the north wall, turn east, and walk behind the cart with the crates. Near this cart will be a chest containing this Relic.
Chasm Shrine (1) Kansu Burial Urn From the Sacred Hall Base Camp, head along the north wall to the east until Lara finds a table with this Relic in a chest on top of it.
Chasm Shrine (2) Satsume Vase Close to the Sacred Passage Base Camp entrance, a chest with this Relic can be found to the southwest near some rocky rubble.
Chasm Shrine (3) Ban Chiang Vase At the beginning of the Chasm Shrine, go through the southeast door after using the axe, then walk southeast and off the ledge. Turn left, through the shattered cage, and the chest with the final Relic should be here.