New Doom Screenshots and Information Show Promise

Doom's debut last year was met with mixed reception. On one hand, it looked like a Doom game, albeit very derivative and with a bizarre filter that made the game appear yellow. Well, since then id Software has been hard at work addressing the feedback and the results are positive.

Game Informer has featured Doom in its latest issue, and shared a lot of new information about the game. Below are some of the major points:

  • Weapon mods and character upgrades can be found in the environment.
  • Runes can be picked up to provide temporary minor boosts to damage, movement speed, or other stats.
  • The Chainsaw and BFG-9000 are being treated as panic weapons with dedicated button inputs. Both are capable of killing enemies in one use.
  • Each enemy has a unique weak point that should be targeted.
  • A new Summoner enemy will challenge players.
  • There will be plenty of secrets to be found.
  • Multiplayer will have a progression system.
  • Community maps will have ratings and popularity visible within a Super Mario Maker style interface.

Here is what the game looks like in its current iteration:

Doom is planned to debut in Spring 2016.