Tekken 7 Reveals Master Raven and the Return of Bob

Bandai Namco has revealed two new characters today for Tekken 7: a female ninja named Master Raven and the return of the Freestyle Karate user Bob who Gabriel Iglesias would describe as "DAAMMMNNN!".
As the name implies, Master Raven has similar ninja skills to the Wesley Snipes-like ninja from past Tekken titles. Her reveal trailer (posted above) shows off her Kunimitsu-esque teleporting combo skills and advanced mobility, using front flips to chain attacks together even on a heavy character like Jack-7.

The last bits of the trailer show off what seems to be Master Raven's Rage Art, a series of devastating sword slices that starts off with a back teleport and a low swan dive dick. Overall, she seems to be a tricky character to play and to fight against, but she seems to carry the Raven ninja clan name well, just with a few extra cybernetic enhancements.

Returning as the comic relief, Bob has made the roster once again as he performs ridiculous jumps, sweeps, and spins with a grace and fluidity belying his, shall we say, zaftig frame. We'll have to see whether Tekken 7 will also come with his "skinny" variation available in Tekken Tag 2 that shows off his skills before packed on the pounds.

He's an emotional eater, okay. I would be too if I had to face off against the demons in the Kazama family, the other demon from Street Fighter, cyborgs like Gigas, literal devils from hell, ogres, pandas, and anything else apparently because the Tekken roster is Imagination Land. And I like it that way.