Square Enix Showcases FFXIV’s 3.5 Update In 8-Minute Video

Final Fantasy XIV has been operating under the Heavensward expansion for more than a year and a half. During that time several noteworthy dungeons and raids have made their way into the endgame environment. As the expansion heads into its final months, Square Enix is looking to ramp up the drama, beginning with patch 3.5, The Far Edge of Fate.

Releasing in the next two weeks, The Far Edge of Fate will most prominently be adding new main story quests. These will further develop the Heavensward plot leading into this Summer's next expansion.

Two new dungeons are to be added to the game, including Baelsar's Wall and a Hard mode version of Sohm Al. For raiders, a third tier of Dun Scaith will be made available, providing new raid gear to acquire. A new trial will come along for the ride, called Containment Bay Z1T9. There will also be new sidequests to participate in, ranging from Hilidibrand to Anima Weapon.

Although the new content is what will most likely keep players occupied, there are some quality of life changes that are the highlight for many veteran players. This includes being able to summon a Chocobo while queued for a dungeon—thank goodness—, and even having the option to have a Chocobo out when in a party. Lastly, Summoners will for the first time have glamour options for their Egis, providing visual variety for the job.

These additions and more have been showcased in a new trailer. At over eight minutes in length, it offers a good look at what players can expect. You can see it below:

Square Enix recently revealed the next expansion for FFXIV, titled Stormblood. Arriving this Summer it will add new jobs, zones, and many features on top of the current experience. An Xbox One version of FFXIV is also rumored to be coming to Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.