New Update For Infinite Warfare Adds 100+ New Camos, But No Leaderboards

Patch 1.07 for Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare has dropped today, with a bevy of bug fixes and quartermaster additions. One feature was noticeably absent: Leaderboards.

Something Call of Duty fans didn't know they wanted until it was gone, Multiplayer Leaderboards have been missing from Infinite Warfare since its release in November. You can see the full patch notes here, but you'll also see a lot of people asking for that feature, evidently to no avail.

This is paired with the news, as reported by Charlie Intel, that the patch also includes more than 100 new weapon camos at the quartermaster, which has led several people to question the priorities of Infinity Ward.

The leaderboard issue was dropped again recently, after Infinite Warfare gave a 48-hour ban to players who took advantage of a glitch that allowed people to farm thousands of keys. Professional Call of Duty player for Team EnVyUs was one of the players banned, and he tweeted out "3 months after release and IW hasn't added leaderboards, but they're quick to ban everyone who messed with the key glitch."

Of course, the ban wasn't as bad as originally thought, and many people got to keep all the items they purchased with those keys, but Kaplan still has a point. A feature that seems really basic, that everyone took for granted in previous games, being around for almost a decade, still isn't in Infinite Warfare.

At this rate, there will be a whole new Call of Duty game before Infinite Warfare gets leaderboards. Enjoy those weapon skins, though.