Tekken 7 Gets PC, Console Release On June 2

Tekken 7 will finally hit the stores worldwide this summer on June 2, 2017. After being released in Japan Arcades since 2015, the latest entry in Bandai Namco's popular fighting game series will release simultaneously on PS4, Xbox One and on PC via Steam.

The trailer shows a lot of the story of Tekken 7 with a few gameplay segments interspersed, but, more than anything we're being introduced to a Tekken game more along the lines of Tekken 4 in terms of tone.

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Bandai Namco also announced at the end of the trailer that Eliza, the vampire character from Tekken Revolution, will be a pre-order bonus, and potentially a pre-order exclusive, only saying "pre-order now to receive the Eliza bonus DLC character." Eliza became infamous for her ability to drink her opponents' blood and grow her breast size when she does it (I'm not joking – Google it).

This announcement also comes after Bandai Namco teased an announcement last week in one of those "we'll have news next week" Tweets that everyone loves. At least they delivered.