Mass Effect Your Console Into Overheating With New Vault Design

So Battlefield 3 wasn't going to do it for you? You weren't enough of a fan of the game to cover your console in a claymore? You weren't dedicated enough to show off your fandom until your console overheated and you couldn't even play your game anymore?

Well how about Mass Effect then? Calibur11 has detailed a Mass Effect 3-themed "vault" (more like deathtrap) for your respective console. Commander Shepard's breastplate adorns the locked-up console this time, along with a controller cradle. You can pick up this… particular demise for your Xbox 360 or PS3 from GameStop for only…


I'm going to pass on this one…. But… if they created a Ninja Turtle shell… that I could put my 360 in… Who knows, I might just have to throw my money at my computer screen!