Destiny 2 Features a Nice Throwback to Your Past Adventures

Before you even reach the tutorial of Destiny 2, the game reminds you of how far you and your Guardian have come in a neat little nod to your past adventures.

Just before players begin the game’s fantastic opening sequence, which is a throwback to the original in and of itself given its battle throughout Destiny‘s central hub, the Tower, a selection of illustrated screens show off some of the battles you’ve previously fought. These include outlines of you and your friends’ Guardians, alongside your names, fighting through some of Destiny and its expansions’ tougher challenges.

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These screens can be seen below (spoilers, obviously):


The screens are shown after Destiny 2 provides a recap of the events of the first game, tying your Guardian’s individual adventures into the over-arching story and doing a good job of making your actions in the first game feel important.


The story of the first Destiny was one of the game’s weaker points, with many players losing track of its developments as time went on. As such, it’s helpful that Bungie have provided a brief overview to get everyone up to speed with the basics, along with providing veteran players a look at what they fought through to get to the sequel.

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