Stick It To The Man Releases On PlayStation 3 On November 19th

Stick it to the Man, an indie platformer by Zoink! Studios, will release tomorrow, November 19th on the PlayStation 3. The indie scene isn't dead for the last-gen console just yet.

Stick it to the Man features Ray, a hero who wakes up one morning with an arm attached to his forehead. The arm gives Ray the power to read people's minds, but it's not as great as one would think. Not that that would trump having a third arm sticking out of your forehead in the first place. Does it sound as ridiculous as something out of Adventure Time? It should; the game's script was written by the Adventure Time comic writer, Ryan North.

Stick it to the Man is a cross-buy game, so buying it on the PS3 will also grant ownership of the Vita version when it releases in December.

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