The Caligula Effect Review

A group of high school students are transferred to an alternate world where they must overcome their personal struggles to defeat monsters using special powers granted from said awakenings. Sound oddly familiar? That's because The…

by Cody_Perez
May 2nd

Zero Escape: The Nonary Games Review

You may have heard of Kotaro Uchikoshi’s esteemed Zero Escape series of escape-the-room visual novels, but unless you’re already a superfan then odds are you haven’t heard enough. The series was embroiled recently in a…

by Griffin Vacheron
March 24th

Toukiden 2 Review

On paper there isn’t a whole lot thoroughly unique about Toukiden 2. It’s an action RPG with pre-20th century Japanese stylings, focused on demon hunting, crafting, item and gear collecting, and exploring. Despite this, it…

by Griffin Vacheron
March 21st


General Tips Easy Levels - The first thing you should do when you arrive at a new dungeon is look for a save point. When you visit a save point, your character HP and AP…

by Gamerevolution
November 2nd

Zero Time Dilemma Review

Schrödinger's cat sanctuary. For the uninitiated, the Zero Escape series is what Saw 2 could’ve been if the characters weren’t just horror movie throwaways, and Kurt Vonnegut inspired the screenplay. I am, of course, being…

by Gil Almogi
July 6th

One Piece: Burning Blood Review

If this is the latest in arena-based fighters, then I’m no longer interested. Anime fighting games have never been top-tier fighting games. When you buy a modern Street Fighter or Mortal Kombat title, you know you’re getting…

by Kevin Schaller
June 7th, 2016

Neverending Nightmares (PSN) Review

I dreamed of playing any other game. The hallway connecting my parent’s room to my own stretched for what seemed like miles, the inky blackness of the shadows stretching and warping my perception of distance.…

by Matthew Utley
May 3rd, 2016