Star Trek: Starfleet Command Review

Nebojsa Radakovic
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  • 01/01/1970
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All the greatness of Star Trek, without having to put up with William Shatner.

"One more shot! Just one more phaser blast and we'll have them, Mr. Chalko!"

"I'm sorry Captain, the forward phaser banks are still cooling down from our last volley and our energy reserves are gone."

"I don't care, Chief Engineer. I want that extra shot even if you have to throw your pet Tribble into the warp core!"

Starfleet Command is the best attempt to date to port the venerable board game "Starfleet Battles" to the computer. For those that aren't familiar with the old pencil-and-paper game, imagine this. You, a bunch of people, a small hex map, dozens of pieces of graph paper, little cardboard cut-outs, dice, and enough game manuals to fill up a bookcase. Arguments galore about which rule takes precedence over which manual (I laugh at Magic the Gathering rules. So simple in comparison). A single turn taking over an hour to complete. Death threats against felines for disturbing the carefully orchestrated and arranged pieces.

Ah, but the fun and joy of commanding a starship! Using those powerful weapons to blow the snot out of your preferred enemy. Using those complex rules to come up with combat tactical options that would have left Kirk breathless with admiration (yes, I shudder at the thought too). Oh, those were the days. The feeling of absolute power as you outmaneuver an enemy, get behind his '6,' unleash the full fury of your overloaded Hellbores into his vulnerable flank, and blow that hulking Klingon Dreadnought to kingdom-come.

When I heard that someone was taking this decades old game and putting it on the computer, I was skeptical. I mean, people have tried putting complex board games on the computer before and, for the most part, the conversion was lacking. Look at the AD&D world. We've seen dozens of games over the years, but until recently, none have even tried to claim to be faithful to the original rule set … and Starfleet Battles is even more complex (people are still trying to determine if the full SB rulebook is more or less complex than the US tax code). But I've been very pleasantly surprised by Starfleet Command.

You can play any one of six major races, each with its own specialization in ship designs/weapons (the Federation has phasers, photons, and missiles. Romulans have plasma weapons. The Hydrans have Fusion Beams, Hellbore cannons, and Gattling phasers. Etc.). Suicide shuttles, tractor/repulser beams, T-bombs, mines, security teams, boarding parties, missiles, point defenses, shields, repairs, Star Bases, asteroids, nebulas, and Orion's … oh my. Not much is missing.

Some design compromises have been made. For instance, the cumbersome turn system has been streamlined into a real time, 3-D game that is a joy to play.

In the campaign game (playable from any of the six races), you start as a lowly starship captain in your first command. As such, you have a piddly little craft incapable of scaring most Orion pirates you might find - the only danger they will be in is from a laughing induced heart-attack. But as you successfully complete missions, you will be rewarded with prestige points that you can parlay into better ships, more experienced crew chiefs, spare parts, etc.

Completing these missions is no mean feat. The heart and soul of Starfleet Command is power management. Your ship generates a limited amount of power to do everything you want. For instance, you can't travel at max speed, charge all your weapons to full, and fully reinforce your shields. You have to pick and choose … and do it at the right moment, since everything takes time. But a successfully orchestrated tactic will have you pulling into a flank position on an enemy just as your photon torpedoes have reached overload status, your phaser capacitor is full, and the range is point blank. Hit the Hail Mary firing button and that big boy is down for the count.

Ships at warFail to manage your power correctly, and your shields will fail spectacularly when that Klingon Cruiser unloads it's full frontal fury into your side as you sail past him. Not the best way to get your crew to like you.

A tactic I particularly enjoy is transporting a T-Bomb into the oncoming path of a big nasty ship. They'll swerve to avoid it, I turn to pass them on that side and do a 120 degree high energy turn that puts my frontally faced heavy weapons into their '6' shield. Bye bye, bad guy.

My only real complaints are minor. During tactical combat, the game 'field' is a fixed border and if your ship crosses that border you go into warp and escape. But the computer opponent can cross over at will, effectively outmaneuvering you and gaining a bit of a respite. My other complaint has to do with the campaign game. Due to the very dynamic nature of the progression of the story, it can be very difficult to follow the plot because there are no intervening cut scenes to spoon feed you the information. The information is there, but you have to be alert for it.

The one missing element that I would have loved to see is a ship builder. You are provided with about 40 stock ships for each race. This really is a lot, but I love tinkering with things. I want to build that ship with 40 forward-facing phaser 3's. I want to see what happens when I have a rear facing photon torpedo bank. A lot of the fun of playing Starfleet Battles was building new ships to suit a particular tactic that you wanted to employ. It's a minor quibble, but one that I hope is addressed by a follow-on pack or patch.

But even without a ship builder, Starfleet Command is an excellent game with a tactical depth that would be hard pressed to match anywhere else. If anybody needs me, I'll be locked in my quarters with extra batteries for the food replicators. I'm going to be playing this one for a long time to come.

Long live the Federation!


StarFleet Battles finally makes it to the computer
Who hasn't wanted to dogfight in a starship?
Take out those agressive tendencies
Show up that pansy, Kirk
No ship editor
Unclear campaign progression