Blades of Steel, NHL 94, More 90’s Hockey – Old Games With Grandpa Heath

Just in time for the NHL All-Star game, I revisit late 80's and early-to-mid 90's hockey video games, starting with Blades of Steel and working up through several other titles, mostly in the EA Sports NHL family.

Sorry about strange audio in this one. The recorder was on the interview setting instead of personal, and I didn't know until after I'd recorded all of the audio. Can't redo it though, because I had to get this as part of All-Star weekend. It sounded alright to me, but I have low standards. I apologize in advance, because the episode ran way fucking long (I originally went clear up through modern times), and I'll be procrastinating on getting Hockey Part 2 out for several months while I wait for the playoffs to mark my next excuse to post an NHL video.

And by then, I'll say, "Record it again? But there's no time! I gotta get this out before the playoffs!"