Fallout 4 Trailer Analysis: Dogmeat Is So Adorable!

Before we begin, let's roll that beautiful footage one more time!

Starting with the signature "Please Stand By" screen, the trailer for Fallout 4 opens on a Radiation King television set as the game's theme plays in the background, which by the way is "It's All Over But The Crying" sung by The Ink Spots, whose rendition of "I Don't Want To Set The World on Fire" was the theme song for Fallout 3.

Throughout the trailer, it's clear that Fallout 4 takes place in Boston… or whatever it's going to be called in the post-nuclear apocalypse. In one shot of the sunset passing over the city, we see the iconic golden dome of the Massachusetts State House, and in another, we see a dilapidated version of the Bunker Hill Monument. Then of course we see Fenway Park restructured as a solid base with a formidable metal shell.

The almost noir-like shot of the inner city, with one lone suited figure (is that the Mysterious Stranger?) walking beneath a blue light in the middle of the street, has the word "Scollay" unlit in the upper part of the frame, a reference to Boston's Scollay Square. The USS Constitution, the historic naval vessel currently situated in the Boston Harbor, has been reappropriated into something probably similar to Rivet City as a market of sorts, but it could very easily be a base for remnants of the Enclave.

Considering that we also see a Vertiberd transport, an airship, and a power suit from the Brotherhood of Steel, as well as an Eyebot roaming the main city, we could very much see yet another battle between both of these technological powerhouses. I'm just excited at the prospect of standing in the airship, adding an incredible sense of verticality to the Fallout universe.

As for characters, we see plenty of returning monsters, robots, and objects. First and foremost, we must mention the powerful but equally adorable German Shepard who curiously runs through the empty house in the beginning of the trailer and is revealed as a traveling companion for the main character from Vault 111. Dogmeat will likely be the default name for this canine, but he already looks far sturdier than Dogmeats of the past.

In the opening montage featuring a comparison of an everyday kitchen between the colorful past and the washed-out present (does this mean we'll also go into the pre-war past and see when people entered the Vaults?), we see a civilian model of the Type-II Mister Handy. In another shot along the outskirts of the city, we see a roaming Protectron. We can't forget about that empty Nuka-Cola machine or that Vault Boy Bobblehead in the warehouse either.

In a shot of one rundown supermarket, we see a shot of three ghouls, and in a shot of the wasteland next to a broken train car (or perhaps a rundown bus), we see two Super Mutants. Let's hope that we encounter both ghouls and Super Mutants who can converse with the player character, but certainly not all of them (hey, we need to earn experience points somehow). Either way, we won't be as lucky with the return of the mutant deathclaw. Let's just leave those horned beasts alone, shall we?

See anything that I missed? Let me know in the comments!