Fallout 4 Wishlist: Something’s Gotta Give

When Bethesda unveiled the debut trailer for Fallout 4, my head exploded with the force of a Fat Man mini-nuke.

Now that we've had a long first look and analysis of the post-apocalyptic Bostonian landscape, we see how Bethesda is pushing the graphics and the animation work to another level. Two points on my wishlist for features in Fallout 4 would have been more colors and a visit back to the past (and not in that black-and-white Tranquility Lane quest from Fallout 3), but I think can confidently cross them off right now.

However, I still have 10 more features and improvements that I would like to see in Fallout 4, and with Fallout: New Vegas being released just short of five years ago, Bethesda has had plenty of time to give Fallout some well-deserved enhancements. We'll have to see how many of these wishes will be fulfilled when Bethesda shows off Fallout 4 during its first E3 press conference on Sunday night.