Rating the Awesome New Level 3 Limit Breaks in FFXIV: Heavensward

One of the greatest additions of Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward are its unique limit breaks for all jobs. It's more exciting than ever to fill out three bars during an epic battle before unloading on an enemy.

We're a few days out from Heavensward's launch, and media of these new limit breaks is beginning to hit the internet. After checking all of them out, I decided to do a review of them to share which ones I think stand out the most.



Astrologian: Astral Stasis (5/5)

This is an absolutely gorgeous limit break that summons the cosmos in a fashion that would make Carl Sagan proud. It's without a doubt the most visually impressive of the healing limit breaks, illuminating the room with a swirl of star-shaped lights.

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Bard: Sagittarius Arrow (5/5)

In this limit break the sky opens up revealing a heavenly flood of arrows that shower upon the enemy. The visual effect of this limit break is amazing, completely changing the atmosphere of the room for a couple of seconds.

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Black Mage: Meteor (4/5)

This limit break has been around since 2.0, but it's still one of the best. There isn't much more exciting than watching a massive meteor clobber a boss.



Dark Knight: Dark Force (4/5)

Watching darkness fall from the sky drowning the battlefield and providing a shield for all teammates is quite the sight. It'll take a few months for players to realize that this sweep of blackness isn't harmful, because it's quite evil in appearance.

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Dragoon: Dragonsong Dive (3/5)


Yes, those dragon heads just appeared from the soul of the Dragoon and then smashed into the boss from above. It's obvious when this limit break goes off, and the blue explosion is pretty.

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Machinist: Satellite Beam (2/5)

In true Machinist fashion, this limit break has the player summon a large satellite overhead which makes a powerful laser sweep upward toward the target before a massive explosion occurs. You might remember the name since it was one of Barret's limit breaks in Final Fantasy VII. Sadly, it just isn't all that interesting.

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Monk: Final Heaven (3/5)

Final Heaven has always been a joy to watch on screen with its massive column of explosive color. It's just a shame that Monks are the only DPS without something new to play around with.



Ninja: Cimatsuri (1/5)

The Ninja is a flashy job, but its limit break is underwhelming. The Ninja summons a group of daggers around them before impaling a foe. The quick hand signs are probably the coolest part, which isn't saying much.

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Paladin: Last Bastion (3/5)

This limit break hasn't changed with Heavensward, but it's still good. The character animation and force of the pillars falling is a majestic sight even two years later.


Scholar: Angel Feather (3/5)

Scholar's shield-oriented healing is shown in glorious fashion with Angel Feather. This limit break places a protective bubble around the room that reminds you that you have a Scholar watching your health bar. It isn't too flashy, but is different in style from the other two healing limit breaks.

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Summoner: Teraflare (4/5)

Seeing the Summoner turn into Bahamut mode and fire flares all around the battlefield is amazing. There is no other limit break with this number of explosions, instantly making it one of the best.

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Warrior: Land Waker (4/5)

Smashing the ground to propel fiery spikes of Earth upward onto the battlefield is one cool way to protect teammates. It's unlike any of the other limit breaks making it stand out.

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White Mage: Pulse of Life (1/5)

The healing power of this limit break can be felt across the room as it radiates outward from the White Mage. This isn't a new limit break, and it's plain compared to what's been added in Heavensward.