Like Your Sh**, Be Proud (But Try to Understand That Not Everyone Has to Like It) – Best Video Game Podcast

So, it's happened. A game that serves a somewhat small but very passionate fan base has come out. The underwhelming game has been met with indifference from the mass market and a critical bloodbath.

There is nothing wrong with liking something that's not popular. Moreover, there's no magic rule that says things being popular makes them inherently better than other things. So why is the fanbase getting so defensive and uppity? Relax. Every single one of us likes games that most people don't. Conversely, every single one of us hates games that a lot of people love. So what? Does it matter?

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Episode 7: They Don't Understand my Gaaaaaaame

02:09 – Godzilla's poor reception

05:08 – Quiz time!

05:49 – "You're not a fan of XYZ!"

07:47 – "You're a graphics whore!"

08:08 – "Go back to Call of Duty!"

09:26 – "You just suck at the game!" + Difficulty levels

14:49 – "You're just trolling for hits!"

16:49 – Opinions that differ from the crowd

19:39 – "They don't understand my gaaaaaaaame!"

21:54 – Authenticity doesn't make for good gameplay

27:10 – Fans shaming other fans

30:04 – There's nothing wrong with not being good at a game

36:20 – Games appealing to different people audiences means capitalism is working!

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