7 Persona 3 Songs That Should Be Persona 4: Dancing All Night DLC

Don't Kanji and Naoto look snazzy in their Persona 3-inspired outfits? They sure do, and they're grooving to good music as part of the great rhythm game known as Persona 4: Dancing All Night.

But its one real weakness is its small playlist, compared to other games in its genre. For some songs, it includes two or three remixes to give the illusion of being bigger, but your brain knows when it hears the same song. That said, I foresee the same problem with a potential "Persona 3: Dancing in the Dark Hour" or something like it. Best solution? It's gonna feel weird for me to say it, but DLC. Here are some Persona 3 songs I'd love to see come into Persona 4: Dancing All Night.


Dancers of Choice: Teddy & Mitsuru.

Mitsuru represents P3 here, while Teddy runs around frantically not knowing what to do… until he fucking does. Then he rocks the dance floor.


Dancers of Choice: Yosuke & Makoto

Yosuke's dance to "Backside of the TV" in Persona 4: Dancing All Night is so fucking rad, that we have to follow suit and give him the battle theme of Persona 3, too. There is no more fitting partner, of course, than P3's own protagonist.


Dancers of Choice: Margaret & Elizabeth

True, P4D already has one take on the Velvet Room Theme, but in a game where many songs appear more than once, that track is good enough to be among them. This outstanding version should be danced by the lovely Velvet Room guides Elizabeth and Margaret. Maybe Marie could jump in, too.


Dancers of Choice: Yukiko & Aigis (regular version), Chie & Akihiko or Junpei (Last Battle version)

The regular version seems fitting to Yukiko's dance style, while the "Last Battle" take just screams for Chie's kung-fu dance moves.


Dancers of Choice: Rise & Yukari

This seems perfect for a pop idol like Rise. She can easily be joined by Persona 3's lead lady Yukari.


Dancers of Choice: Nanako & Ken

This catchy shopping theme is perfectly suited for the elementary schoolers, especially Nanako. She already loves to sing department store theme songs, so why the heck not? This song is already in the game, just not playable as a dance mix. It plays at the shopping screen, where you spend your in-game points on new outfits and stuff.


Dancers of Choice: Yukari & Aigis

I almost said "and Makoto" here, but Persona's silent protagonists are kinda boring and I usually don't want them in more things. Notice how I didn't put Persona 4's Yu in anything here? Yeah he's already got too many songs. Anyway, for Persona 3's ending song, Aigis and Yukari are perfect.

If I missed any, I'm sure you'll be in a hurry to comment below. If you're not, why aren't you? Are you chicken or something? I am, actually. I am Comment Chicken most of the time.

Other times, I am Comment Regret.