Persona 5 Dancing Gets Amazing Yakuza DLC

Quirky Persona 5 spinoff Persona 5 Dancing Star Night is about to get a little dash of craziness. Following on from a poll by SEGA last week, the characters of Persona 5 will be given special Yakuza costumes to help them boogie to their heart’s content.

The Yakuza costumes chart the entirety of the series, barring Yakuza 6 and there are some, let’s just say, questionable design choices. Joker as Kiryu just works and, heck, Futaba as The Florist matches well enough but, oh god. Ann as Majima. That’s wrong on so many levels – and that’s without mentioning Morgana as Sonic.

All kidding aside, these outfits are a cool bonus for fans of both franchises, even if a crossover can be consigned to the ‘never gonna happen’ pile of pipe dreams.

It appears that the costumes will be come at a later date on May 24, 2018 but, for now, Persona 5 Dancing Star Night, a rhythm-based game using Persona 5 songs, is only slated for a Japanese release. However, with the PS4 and PS Vita – yes, that’s still a thing – being completely region-free there’s nothing stopping you from getting your hands on a copy. Except the shipping costs. Watch out for those.

Elsewhere, the imminent release of Persona 3: Dancing Moon Night (do you see what they did there?) is going to feature costumes from the Virtua Fighter series. Both Persona 3 and Virtua Fighter are the far more niche options – and Virtua Fighter didn’t fare well on SEGA’s poll – but it’s nice to see them both get some love and Aigis as Jacky Bryant is worth the price of admission alone.