What Are You Playing? God of War, Radical Heights, and More

It was a slow week for new releases, though the God of War hype has been more than enough to see everyone through. Aside from Sony’s latest critically-acclaimed exclusive, LawBreakers’ developer Boss Key Productions surprised everyone by announcing Radical Heights, a new battle royale game that certainly looks quite familiar…

Check out what the GameRevolution team has been playing below, and make sure to let us know what you’ve been playing in the comments section.

Paul Tamburro: I’ve been finishing up Divinity 2 with my party (a.k.a. my friends). Despite ample amounts of side-quests and investigating seemingly every nook and cranny, we’ve gone wrong somewhere and are now stuck in Act 4 with little clue as to where we should be going and how to progress. It likely doesn’t help that none of us bothered with Persuasion, as most of our time in the game has been spent killing rather than talking, so everyone hates us and no one will give us any information. I took to Googling a few things last night, something I’m not proud of doing, as a result of growing tired of endlessly walking around the area talking to everyone and learning nothing. Also, did we really just spend 3 hours hunting down a secret painting just so I could go and talk to a statue that seemingly has no impact on our main objective? Yes, apparently we did do that.

Jason Faulkner: I tried Radical Heights this week and that was something special. It’s basically Fortnite with crappier textures and bicycles. I finished up God of War for our review as well. For the rest of the week, I’ll be finishing sidequests in GoW and Yakuza 6 to get ready for guidestravaganza next week.

Bradley Russell: I’ve been playing through Owlboy because I’m a sucker for retro-style adventures. Only a few hours in but it seems to have got its talons in me already thanks to its surprisingly heartfelt story — and being able to throw your best friend into walls. That helps too.

Aimee Hart: I’m planning to spend the rest of my days until April 30th killing some Talon goons on Overwatch. It’s a lot more fun than the previous Uprising PVE, though a lot more difficult as well. It’s a great addition to Overwatch‘s lore and I think anyone who enjoys it as much as I do should get on it soon and enjoy. Preferably with friends, so that they don’t leave you hanging by the payload for so long…

Mack Ashworth: I’ll be giving Radical Heights some attention, despite how awful it looks… following up LawBreakers with this battle royale title was an unexpected move by Boss Key Productions, and I’m curious to see how well it plays. After I get bored of that, I’ll return to Fortnite and try out the new features implemented by the 3.5.0 update.

Alleef Ashaari: I’ve been playing Ni No Kuni 2: Revenant Kingdom after finishing off Far Cry 5. I’m loving the Studio Ghibli-esque design (although I know they’re not involved anymore) and addictive gameplay. Until Dragon Quest XI releases, this game will satisfy my JRPG needs.