Bradley Russell
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Hey, I’m Bradley. I am legally required to tell you that my puns are terrible and I should, under no circumstances, be told otherwise. I’m that weird gaming guy you can’t really fit into one neat box: I love all of the sports games, Madden especially, but I’m equally at home polishing off a 45-hour Japanese visual novel. Also, go and play Danganronpa. Like, right now. Seriously. For my sins, I’m a Crystal Palace and Colts fan which means I’m down in the dumps most weekends – so feel free to mock me over on Twitter.


    Judgment Mole Identity | Who is the Mole?

    The Judgment Mole mystery is one that permeates throughout the entirety of the game’s story. It’s not until near the closing stages is the identity of the Mole revealed and, even then, it can be tough to break down how and why they’ve pulled off what they have. The hunt for the serial killer, though, can be […]

    by Bradley Russell
    June 21st
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