Pokemon Company Hints at Pokemon Switch Leak

The Pokemon Company recently tweeted a picture that invites speculation. What could this mean? It could be providing the first glimpse at the upcoming Pokemon Nintendo Switch game. It might simply be trolling eager fans hoping for any information or confirmation of the Pokemon Nintendo Switch game.

The image below was initially leaked a while back and it supposedly shows an in-game screenshot from the Pokemon Nintendo Switch game. The alleged leaked picture is of dubious quality but we can vaguely make out an Eevee and a Lapras.

Pokemon Nintendo Switch Alleged Leaked Screenshot

Earlier today, the Pokemon Company posted this picture on Twitter:

The picture depicts an Eevee plushie sitting on a Lapras plushie’s back. Without any given context or explanation, the tweet is most likely trolling fans who were excited over the alleged leaked picture of the Pokemon Nintendo Switch game. It’s almost certainly meant as a friendly joke for Pokemon fans and not meant to be taken seriously.

We still have no idea what the Pokemon Nintendo Switch game could be or even look like. The game could be a brand new game or even a remake of an existing classic Pokemon game. The Nintendo Switch has significantly more powerful hardware than the Nintendo 3DS, so we could presumably expect visual quality similar to that of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild or Super Mario Odyssey.

In other related news, another rumor about the Pokemon Nintendo Switch game recently circulated online when Pixelpar tweeted that “initial translations for Pokemon Switch are planned to be completed between April – June.” This indicates that development of the game is going well enough that it is already being localized. No other details regarding the game have been officially revealed by the Pokemon Company so it looks like we might have to wait even longer for some concrete news on the Pokemon Nintendo Switch game.