Check Out These 25 Remarkable Details In MGSV: The Phantom Pain

The Metal Gear series has always been a great example of attention to detail. Metal Gear Solid 2 was one of the first games to have breakable watermelons and meltable ice. Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain takes it to a new realm of impressiveness.

Next time you play The Phantom Pain, look out for these details:

  • You can use your cassette player to play "Recorded on the Toilet" while in a porta potty to prevent soldiers from looking inside.
  • If Big Boss is bloody from combat or exhausted from multiple days of deployment, he gets an IV while sitting in the ACC helicopter.
  • It's possible to hijack a Jeep by creeping up behind it on D-Horse. You can also mount the D-Horse while running for quick escape.
  • Soldiers try to counter your strategies on later deployments by using night vision if you regularly deploy at night, wear helmets if you get a lot of head shots, and equip gas masks if you enjoy using chemical grenades.
  • While bloody Big Boss' mental state is affected, lowering the duration of reflex mode.
  • Blood on Big Boss won't be removed until he either takes a shower, or walks in rain.
  • If you don't shower for a long duration of time, NPCs will mention how much you stink. Ocelot and soldiers at Mother Base will even throw bucket water on you. Eventually, Quiet will shower with you.
  • Soldiers will attempt to take you out with a knife if you hold them up for too long.
  • As you kill people or research nuclear weapons, the horn-looking shrapnel on Big Boss' head grows larger.
  • You can CQC enemies into walls to incapacitate them for a longer duration of time.
  • Soldiers will notice foot prints in mud or water trails from puddles.
  • Power lines can be shot during rain to zap enemies below.
  • Hanging for a while will result in Big Boss shaking his non-prosthetic arm to increase blood flow.
  • Enemies can be blinded with a gun-mounted flashlight.
  • If you stare at Quiet's breasts, she will turn her head and look at you. If you continue to stare at her, then she will flirt with you.
  • Moving helicopter blades will dissipate smoke from a smoke grenade. So, you can call in a support helicopter to clear smoked areas.
  • Reloading on a loaded weapon with a full magazine will give you +1, the bullet in the chamber.
  • Trucks will transport you to the address on your cardboard box if you use it while on the back of a truck.
  • If an incapacitated enemy has their head submerged in water, then they will eventually drown.
  • Enemies that spot a Fulton before ascension can shoot the parachute to relieve the ally.
  • D-Dog will bark at any supply crates that you drop near him.
  • Supply crate drops can incapacitate enemies that they land on.
  • You can hear the noise of shell casings landing on the floor. What material they land on affects the sound.
  • Head equipment on soldiers will fly off when the Fulton launches them into the sky.
  • You can use a soldier sticker on the cardboard box to make soldiers salute you.

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