10 Fun And Hilarious Things To Do In MGSV: The Phantom Pain

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain is the first Metal Gear to feature an open world. With massive environments to explore, there are seemingly countless ways to play around and have fun as Big Boss.

Below you will find 10 great ways to spend your time when you're looking for a good laugh.



1. Fulton A Guard's Vehicle

Once you fully upgrade your Fulton device, you can begin shipping away large containers and even vehicles. One of the most hilarious ways to take advantage of this is to Fulton a vehicle that someone recently got out of. When they return to the vehicle to use it, they'll notice it's gone and use the radio to ask if someone took it. The guard will become incredibly confused once other guards share that they have no idea what he's talking about. You may see him scratch his head and look around for the vehicle as if he thinks he may have forgotten to put it in park.


2. Rocket Punch Someone In The Face

Later in the game you will have the option to develop the Rocket Fist. This technology allows you to fire the Bionic Arm like a rocket, and control it mid-air as it heads toward guards to knock their lights out. It's surprisingly effective, but makes a lot of noise. When you use it, be strategic about which order you knock enemies out (you can use one Rocket Fist on multiple foes) to prevent any alerts. They never stood a chance.



3. Go Sledding On Your Cardboard Box

The Cardboard Box has a variety of uses, none more wild than using it to sled down a hillside. To get down a hill in the flashiest way possible, stand upright while Big boss has the Cardboard Box deployed, and then press the dive button (X on the Xbox controller). He will lunge forward stomach first on the bottom panel of the box, bewildering guards, and making Quiet jealous in the process. Guards will want to come see how in the world a box stayed upright during a full descend down a dirt hill, allowing you to take them down away from their original post.


4. Use Horse Poop To Ambush a Vehicle

Once you get your buddy level with D-Horse high enough, you will unlock the option to have him poop on command. It's gross, but provides a new tactical option as the poop is slippery. Leave it in the middle of the road to make an approaching vehicle spin out, disorienting the occupants, and providing an opportunity for you to Fulton extract everyone inside.


5. Deploy A Decoy In A Guard's Face

The Decoy is one of the most potent pieces of equipment in the game. Using it, you can distract enemies for a while, but you can also use it to knock them out. In order to accomplish this, toss a Decoy near a guard or group of guards, and wait for them to approach and examine it. As they look downward to see what it is, deploy it to send the guards flying to a deep slumber. This can be effective on up to three guards assuming they all come close enough. Seeing the balloon snake flopping around after the enemies get blown away into a dirt nap never gets old.

6. Start A Super Soaker War

Several hours into the game you will be able to research and unlock the Water Pistol for 1,000 GMP. Taking up your sidearm slot and granted unlimited ammunition, it's a lot of fun to use. If you spray team members, such as those at Mother Base, they will grow tired of your immaturity. If you spray an enemy enough times, they will fall asleep. Nothing is more demoralizing for an enemy than losing a one on one battle against someone equipped with a Super Soaker.


7. Distract An Enemy With A Babe Poster

As you collect posters around the game world, which are usually found on the walls of enemy installations, you can attach them to the bottom of your Cardboard Box. Once equipped, you can employ the Cardboard Box, stand up, and showcase the poster. Every poster gets a different reaction, none funnier than babe posters which excite the guards. Watch them get aroused before putting them in a choke hold and extracting every last bit of information from them. They deserve it for being bad at their job.



8. Knock A Guard Out With An Ammo Magazine

Aimed correctly, empty magazines are more than just a distraction. When thrown into the head of an enemy, they will be knocked out. This is easiest to accomplish when Reflex Mode is triggered as you can aim in slow motion, but it can be done from close range under normal circumstances, too. Hearing the *bing* noise before the enemy drops to the floor is always a lot of fun. Alternatively, you can throw your magazine in their face while they're on the floor to extend their stun duration.


9. Duel a Bear

There is a lot of wildlife to be encountered, none more dangerous than the bear. Capturing one is no easy task as you need to shoot more than 10 tranquilizer darts into their thick tissue to knock them out. Without riding D-Horse for his mobility, putting a bear to sleep before it tackles and mauls you is a difficult task. Try it sometime, and be prepared for the most thrilling boss battle in the game.



10. Play With The Chicken Hat On

Available in the options menu, the Chicken Hat allows you to avoid alerting enemies by making them laugh instead. When Big Boss has it on, he can do whatever he wants without enemies aiming their firearms at him. Throw it on sometime and try some things that you wouldn't dare think of while playing seriously.


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