Top 112 TGS Booth Ladies (Obligatory Gallery)

Welcome to GameRevolution's new feature: Top 112. Think Top 10s are cool? What if someone multiplied that by 11.2? This week in the Top 112, we demonstrate how easily we're psychologically manipulated by marketing by showing you people in outfits specifically designed to pedal products, thereby enhancing the effectiveness of the companies who chose to use those techniques. Can I get a what-what? Like, as in, what?

I didn't take a lot of pictures of booth ladies at TGS. Those are for people with really shallow standards and great cameras, and I only fall into one of those categories. Thankfully, 4Gamer falls into booth. I mean both. I mean here are a crapload of images of the Tokyo Game Show floor models. There are multiples of the same booths or models, but not the same shot, I don't think.

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