Letdowns and Love-Ins: Best and Worst of the Tokyo Game Show (Podcast 2/2)

If streaming isn't your thing, there's always the MP3 download.

In the previous Tokyo Game Show Podcast, we talked about the weirdest things we saw and did in Tokyo. This time around, it's the juicy stuff: "Best of" TGS Awards followed by quickfire game evaluations of a whole stack of others.

00:45 – Best New Game in an Old Game's Clothing Award

04:09 – Best Game Existing in an Archive Award

05:09 – Biggest Surprise (that we actually kind of knew about) Award

07:47 – Actual Surprise Award

09:25 – Biggest Letdown Award

14:59 – Other letdowns, in brief.

16:14 – But back to the good awards! Blackest Ops Award

18:47 – Least Charted Award

20:55 – The Darkest Soul Award

23:42 – Rudest Bear Award

23:51 – GR Listener question from MandaloreHunter

26:06 – Pavilion

29:30 – Thumper and Mushroom 11

36:27 – Other rapid-fire impressions: Walden  || 37:29 – Ace Attorney 6

38:59 – Hyrule Warriors for 3DS, YIIK: A Postmodern RPG

40:18 – Zodiac, Sara and the Viper's Crown, Back in 1995

43:51 – Holy Potatoes! A Weapon Shop?!, Kineo and Usuko, Reel Blade, and Rabi-Ribi

Here's a quick images gallery of stuff that comes up in our conversation, though not necessarily in order. Just a reference point.


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