Fallout 4’s Graphics, That 9/11 Game, Halo 5 Sales, Nier Automata-ic Purchase: Best Video Game Podcast #10

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00:00 – Various Fallout 4 graphics perspectives

06:25 – So are they good enough for you?

07:53 – Modders will improve them. Is that a bad look for Bethesda?

09:05 – Camp "Good Enough"

09:34 – There's a 9/11 Game for Oculus Rift

12:06 – If movies are okay, why not games?

14:13 – Reminds me of Six Days in Fallujah

16:22 – Miyu Matsuki died

20:34 – Halo 5's (relatively) low sales in the UK

22:30 – Console wars are kinda stupid

23:56 – When no one talks numbers, they were probably low.

24:43 – The difference between you and John Q. Massmarket

31:00 – The highest digital sales make up like 20% of total.

32:48 – Nier: Automata lookin' hawt

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