Fallout 4 Secret UFO Easter Egg: How To Find the Crash Site and Powerful Alien Blaster

Some Fallout fans are curious if there are any UFOs and/or aliens in Fallout 4. I'm happy to report that there are both.

Just like Fallout 3 before it, Fallout 4 rewards you for exploring its massive world with compelling quests, hidden loot, and even easter eggs. Take for example the top secret UFO crash that requires a very specific trigger, but rewards you with a battle against an alien and a powerful weapon.

Update: It appears that the UFO crash is a random occurrence after completion of one of several locations. Although completing Vault 75 is one way to potentially trigger it, there are others. If the UFO doesn't show up for you, try completing one of the other dungeons in the game.

In order to experience this for yourself, first you need to head to Vault 75. The entrance is located in the basement floor of a building on the northeast portion of the map, not too far from the starting area of Sanctuary.

Vault 75 is no welcoming place. You won't want to enter until you're level 14 or at least well-equipped, and even then it'll take you a full hour to complete. Along the way you'll combat a ton of enemies, and earn valuable loot.

Upon completion, head southwest toward the Beantown Brewery. Just east of the settlement nearby you should see a bright flash of light as a UFO speeds past you. At that point, you'll want to search for the crash site which includes the burning UFO next to a tree. Nope, you weren't just seeing things.

You'll notice some green slime next to the crash site which creates a path toward the rocky hill North of you. Follow the green slime to a cave in the rocks and prepare to meet Fallout 4's secret alien.

Upon entering the cave you'll be confronted by said alien. He should die in just a few shots thanks to being hurt from the crash. Loot its body to find the Alien Blaster, one of the most powerful weapons in the game.

The Alien Blaster has the following stats:

  • Damage: 50 (energy)
  • Ammo: Alien Blaster Round
  • Fire Rate: 100
  • Range: 119
  • Accuracy: 73
  • Weight: 2.5
  • Value: 1551

Although Alien Blaster Rounds are in limited supply, you can modify the weapon at a Weapon Bench to utilize Fusion Cells instead. This is recommended once you run low on ammunition, as the Alien Blaster makes a fantastic sidearm.

I encountered a UFO on a different portion of the map, although I wasn't able to locate its wreckage. There may be others ways to meet Aliens, perhaps with different scenarios and rewards.