5 Tips for Playing Star Wars: Battlefront

Star Wars: Battlefront has received mixed reviews from critics for its more casual approach to the shooter genre. That doesn't mean it isn't fun to play, or that there aren't some elements of strategy to the game. Here are five tips to make the game more fun and competitive.


1. Play the tutorial missions first

No, really, play the tutorial missions, they explain how a lot of the gameplay features work that would be frustrating otherwise. Without knowing exactly what the heroes abilities are, they tend to go down faster than a piece of lead dropped in a bathtub. Similarly, the snow speeder tutorial teaches you how to take down enemy AT-AT walkers with tow-cables, and the AT-ST one shows you how to use your auxiliary fire to take down incoming fighters or speeders.  

Also the tutorial missions are short, so it's not like they're going to heavily distract from the regular game modes.

2. Level up your character before heading into the larger modes

Adjunct to the first tip, give yourself a chance to level up in the smaller modes before heading into the larger ones. When you first start multiplayer, you'll have a real limited number of options to play with, a couple solid mid-range blaster rifles, and maybe a few star cards depending on whether you pre-ordered or bought a deluxe version of the game. 

Getting a few levels on you will allow you to unlock and purchase some different blaster types and star cards that you can swap out depending on the level, mode, and even area of combat you're playing in. For instance, The Forest Moon of Endor map is so filled with trees you may want to favor a stronger shorter ranged blaster than in the more open larger levels. 


3. Purchase the Impact Grenade and Jump Pack as soon as possible

Available at level 6, the Impact Grenade has a smaller blast radius than the thermal detonator, but it explodes with whatever it hits instead of being on a set timer. Players who are used to a thermal detonator will often be taken unaware when struck by the impact grenade, which explodes immediately. 

The Jump Pack, available at level 13 is the fastest way to move down the field and also to reach higher ground or ridges to fire down on enemy troops below. This advantage of higher ground really can't be understated, since the high hills or ridges of Hoth and Tatooween offer superior cover from enemy fire and an excellent sniping position. 


4. Vary your loadout based on the mode/environment

This may seem like a no-brainer, but as I mentioned earlier, the sniper rifle-like T-21B targeting rifle doesn't do much good on the Forest Moon of Endor (unless you're up in an Ewok treehouse), since the trees will keep you from being able to track a target. Similarly, picking a loadout with ion capabilities is worthwhile in any mode or mission where you know you'll be facing off against enemy vehicles. 

Keep in mind that it's not possible to change your personal hand once you've selected it initially. You can adopt your partner's hand once in combat (when doing partner start). But you're stuck with either the hand you create at the start of the match or the one you adopt from a partner

5. When defending a position, hide infantry and vehicle turrets nearby

Often, control points in Battlefront will have small areas hidden nearby that you can place an infantry turret (one of the standard random power-ups). Infantry turrets are arguably the best defense in the game, with their high rate of fire and auto-aim accuracy but are susceptible to explosives. Hiding them in a nook or cranny near an objective will make them harder to detect.

Similarly if you're playing on a map where the enemy has vehicle capabilities, placing a vehicle turret behind a blind (like a crevice in a cliff, or behind a tree, etc.) will help it avoid detection, allowing you to do severe damage while minimizing the threat.