FF7 Remake News “Like Losing a Friend” But Hey, Ni no Kuni 2 Is Happening!

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00:30 – Coming soon: a full (useless) FF7 Remake Wish List Episode

02:55 – FF7 Remake won't be complete when it first launches

04:47 – Why SE didn't reveal this info earlier

05:51 – Bullshit justifications

15:54 – What we never imagined

17:39 – The worst part of all this

20:32 – Yakuza 0! In English soon!

21:51 – Ni no Kuni 2

23:45 – Evidence of changing status quo

31:10 – A surprisingly long look at a very minor observation

36:40 – The setting is almost a character itself

Man we really dove into that Ni no Kuni character origin switch a lot longer than I thought anyone could have. Sucks that the Yakuza 0 localization news got overshadowed by this multi-part remake business.

Which of the discussed games are you most interested in as of now?