Ni No Kuni 2 DLC Details Revealed

Bandai Namco has revealed details about the first major Ni No Kuni 2 DLC, which is slated to arrive sometime in winter 2018. The upcoming DLC, titled “Labyrinth of the Ghost King,” will not be the first DLC to hit Ni No Kuni 2 Revenant Kingdom. However, it will be the first to introduce a brand new dungeon to explore, as well as new features and content.

According to the most recent issue of the Weekly Famitsu (as translated by Gematsu), the new Ni No Kuni 2 DLC will add a dungeon called “Labyrinth.” This new dungeon will be very difficult and is set to be even harder than the Faraway Forest dungeon that was introduced in the free update earlier in August 2018. A new boss named “The Ghost King Lamikyl” will arrive alongside the new dungeon, providing a new challenge for those who have beaten the base game.

Additionally, players can look forward to a new battle mechanic called the “Gokui System.” As of now, not much has been revealed about the Gokui System, besides the fact that some characters will drop or “leave behind” Gokui items. We will have to wait for further clarification from developer Level-5 to find out what exactly these Gokui items are, or what purpose they will be serving during gameplay.

Last but not least, the massive new Ni No Kuni 2 DLC will also add over a whopping 80 pieces of new equipment and weapons, as well as new side quests focusing on the pasts of protagonist Evan’s companions. Players may even get the opportunity for a rematch with a boss they’ve defeated in the base game. Keep in mind that the names of the content for the upcoming DLC in this article are based on unofficial translations, so they might end up being a bit different in the official localized version.