Best of 2015 Awards: Biggest Disappointment

Winner: Konami. All of It.

What was once a company associated with growth and acclaim in the gaming industry was possessed by a blood-thirsty demon in 2015, one that couldn't be exorcized. As flames erupted from its body and it charged its monstrous demon horns at everything in its path, it stopped Metal Gear Solid V's development short of achieving its full vision, disintegrated Silent Hills, ran game development studios like sweatshops, severed ties with Hideo Kojima, and then prevented him from doing anything fun for as long as his contract was in effect. The wake of its pachinko-fueled rage left a huge rift of cataclysm behind, stunning gamers and laying ruin to some of the greatest potential in gaming history. The industry has had its heart broken, and it'll take a while for it to heal while Konami is busy stomping its hooves around in Japanese casinos.

Nominees: Star Wars: Battlefront, The Order: 1886, Metal Gear Solid V's Story, Arkham Knight's PC Version, Final Fantasy VII Episodic Remake, Fallout 4's Player Choices, Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 5

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