The Airing of Grievances: Festivus Podcast 2015

If you'd like an MP3 download, it's Christmas and we can provide that. Download and listen wherever. Enjoy.

We technically missed Dec. 23, the actual day of Festivus, but, well, here we are. Contents:

00:00 – A Festivus Miracle!

01:20 – The Airing of Grievances. Consoles becoming computers: good and bad.

05:00 – It seems like every time I want to show people my PS4, shit goes wrong.

07:57 – Don't make me fight someone for the chance to give you money. Seriously, WTF.

13:13 – How the fuck is region locking still a thing?

16:19 – Mixed, contradictory messages from PR people.

18:37 – The biggest grievance isn't lack of B/C, it's the mixed message.

24:18 – Stop judging other people based on video game preferences, you jackass.

26:20 – Konami.

35:20 – One last grievance….

The next episode will feature GR Editor in Chief Nick Tan! Our first episode with someone other than us! But, he's on to tell us about Jump Festa in Japan, so our podcast maintains its Far East flavor. That's probably coming on the weekend, and then the Final Fantasy VII Remake episode to kick off 2016 (but available Christmas for the coolest kids).

What are your biggest gaming or game industry grievances of 2015?