10 Quick Tips for Surviving Far Cry Primal’s Stone Age

You think you're ready to go out there on your own? Far Cry Primal is a dangerous place, and it doesn't take kindly to newcomers. You'll need a courageous soul and sharpened senses to survive.

To help you prepare for your harrowing adventure, we've put together a list of 10 quick tips. Check them out below.



Gather Everything

You will be extremely reliant on resources throughout Primal. While in many other games you can get away with skipping over gatherables in the environment, you'll find yourself in big trouble in the long run if you do so here as your weapons will falter over time and require replenishment. Do yourself a big favor and get used to harvesting the environment for everything from wood to rock even when you don't feel like it. You'll need the resources for a variety of solutions that make you a more effective survivalist.


Prioritize the Rescue Missions

There are several randomized events that send you out to save members of the Wenja Tribe. While they aren't all that exciting, the reward for completing them is huge. You'll find yourself with a ton of resources and food provided each day, making the daily grind much easier. ​


Grab a Spear

There are a limited number of weapon options. While the bow serves the purpose of being able to kill unsuspecting foes and hitting dangerous enemies from a safe range, the spear should be your weapon of choice in most circumstances.

To craft a spear you will require wood, rock, and animal hides. Try to keep a good stockpile of these resources as you venture through the game world, and in any situation where an enemy can show up, have your weapon ready to swing.


Which Skills to Focus On

There are many skills and perks to unlock when leveling, to a point where it isn't easy deciding how to build up your character. In general, the two most rewarding areas to place points are in taming skills and gathering skills. While the former enhances taming, your most powerful asset, the latter makes the game less overbearing, allowing you to create the necessary tools you need to survive with less hassle.


Become A Master of Taming

The protagonist alone isn't very strong, and requires the help of tamed companions to be a real threat to enemies of the world. From early on you'll want to dedicate time to unlocking tame skills and then finding applicable creatures to tame. Great early choices are the bear and wolf as they can do serious damage without much risk.


Don't Forget About Mr. Owl

Don't forget that you can hit down on the d-pad at any time to send out your helpful owl friend. With it, you can survey the land around you, tagging items of interest, and providing an extremely effective way to gain information. You'll find yourself locating enemies before you walk into them, and even precious resources that you may have missed otherwise.


Be Weary of Night's Fall

Just as with the real world, night time is a dangerous time to be out and about. New predators come out once night falls, and decreased visibility makes you more susceptible to attack. You'll want to make sure you're equipped with an ignited club and ready for dangerous situations to arise when darkness is out.


Recruit Characters to Unlock Skill Trees

Early on it isn't made obvious that Primal's skill trees are gated by your relationship with a specific group of a half dozen people in the game. Basically, you have to recruit certain people in order to gain access to unlocking skills in their specific tree.

They are as follows:

  • Beast Master – Tensay
  • Fire – Roshani
  • ​Crafting – Wogah
  • Fighting – Karoosh
  • ​Gathering – Sayla
  • Hunting – Jayma
  • Melee – Dah


Find the Right Companion For You

Tamed animals are not only powerful, but they range wildly in terms of their style and capabilities. For example, while bears can tank, wolves reveal enemies and the jaguar can stealth attack. You'll want to experiment with each of these to see what best works with your style of play.


Take Your Time

There are a lot of circumstances where enemies are waiting to pounce on you, and the best way to counter them is to approach the situation cautiously and aware of your environment. Don't be afraid to walk around slowly and focus on stealth attacks. Opening a battle with a well-placed arrow shot is a lot better than walking directly into the face of a lion.