Nights of Azure, Fallout 4, and a Pair of Final Fantasy Games in a Whatchu Playing Podcast

In this podcast, we talk about four RPGs we've been playing lately: Nights of Azure, Fallout 4, Final Fantasy X HD, and Final Fantasy XI.

So hey, if this seems a little thrown-together, that's because it is. No YouTube version this time, because I have no access to a computer that can do video making stuff, and not on a fast enough connection to upload a video anyway. But hey, according to our analytics, more people do the MP3 than the videos anyway, so hopefully we're not leaving too many people out in the cold.

Time stamps (approximate)

00:00 – Nights of Azure

26:00 – Fallout 4

40:00 – Final Fantasy X HD

50:00 – Final Fantasy XI

Shout about your own experiences with these games we've been playing in our comments below. I mean, if you want to.