The Best PS3 Games of All Time

Ten years ago, PlayStation 3 hit the gaming scene. Today, as we enjoy new horizons on PS4, it seems only natural to share our best PS3 games list, remembering just how great this console is and how still, after all these years, it can overwhelm with exclusive and/or multiplatform titles.

We won't lie, it's a difficult task narrowing ten years down to a few titles, especially when you aim to capture highlights of the PS3, a console that has hundreds of games worthy of your time.

Below, in no particular order, are our favorite gender-defining titles for PS3. Games that made this console a living legend were worth every dollar you invested.



​The smart, beautiful, atmospheric puzzle-platformer Braid is a visual tribute to 8-bit gaming that succeeded in that beside titles like Rayman Legends or LittleBigPlanet 3 or even Ratchet & Clank: A Crack in Time. With innovative gameplay mechanics, story to match it, and surprise end outcome, Braid is one of the best games back in 2008… and still is!

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The Last of Us

Arguably the PS3’s swan song, The Last Of Us is a mesmerizing action-adventure game set in the world of zombie-infested, post-apocalyptic United States that follows Joel and Ellie in one of the most human games you'll ever play, both emotionally exciting and physically exhausting. A fantastic, visually striking world, supported with rich voice acting and cutscenes, and choice-based gameplay in an incredible story all contribute to the peak of AAA gaming on PS3. It is an exclusive title that used the full power of the PS3 in the best possible way.

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Red Dead Redemption

Red Dead Redemption is more than an ode to the Wild Wild West, and it’s more than a chance for you to make mayhem in the shoes of an amoral Clint Eastwood-type character. You get to play as former outlaw John Marston as he sets out to hunt down his former gang members under the direction from the US government. It’s an effective and moving storyline that will lead you everywhere, from gun fights, to poker playing, to hunting just to make ends meet in true Wild West style. Not to mention, there’s a great multiplayer option as well.

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NBA 2K14

EA dominates the world of sport games, and with every new release of their franchised titles, you can expect better visual effects, better AI, better gameplay, etc. NBA 2K14 came as a refresher to a dull world of sport games (NBA in particular), making its mark almost as much as PES made its mark and claim to the football (er…soccer?) realm years back. It's a polished, tightened-up version of the previous release, but with two major differences coming in the form of exclusive game modes that made this game unforgettable.

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Dark Souls

Enter into an intense action-RPG and discover dark dungeons, horrible enemies, innovative features, and design that encourages exploration of an evil, twisted world, bringing you a unique gaming experience. All this makes for one of the toughest games you’ll ever play. Dark Souls was one of the most memorable RPG titles on PS3.

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Gran Turismo 6

Gran Turismo 6 comes after the disappointing GT5, bringing over 1,200 available cars, 37+ tracks with multiple layouts (wet-weather racing, day and night racing, with or without real-time transitions, etc.) and plenty of side events to break up the pace of the classic single-player championship. The content list is vast, the quality is high throughout the game, and the driving is the best ever (even though the gameplay is somewhat forgiving to new players), making GT6 the ultimate driving experience on PS3.

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Grand Theft Auto V

You could very well spend a whole lifetime playing the incredible open world of Grand Theft Auto V and lose yourself in the "real-life" gangsta drama, but the notion that you can play the game any way you want to, and still succeed in storyline goals, is groundbreaking. Even now, almost three years after the release, you can find yourself checking the streets of Los Santos, perhaps surprised by a multi-layered storyline subplot you may have missed.

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All right, so we missed the Assassin's Creed series, and whole lot more, but we found the above to be the most captivating games on Sony’s seventh-generation console. Don’t agree with our choices? Let us know what you think the best PS3 games are in the comments section below.