DOOM: Unearthing the Greatest Secrets and Easter Eggs on Mars

When you’re not shredding through demons with a Super Shotgun, you can easily find yourself getting lost around the map and wandering into unknown territory. In DOOM, there are various sectors to explore in every mission and each one of them has a unique secret. Some of these range from references to past games in the franchise or markings of another Bethesda product. 

Although the game has only been out for short period of time, fans have already begun pouring through the levels, in order to find a hidden gem of their liking. During my own 16 hour journey through the UAC, I managed to find a couple of pleasing easter eggs that are bound to catch anyone’s eye. In the video I’ve compiled below, you can see how they look and learn where to find them for yourself.

One of the first easter eggs is located in the sixth mission of DOOM and makes a reference to an old-school side-scrolling game developed by id Software in the early 90’s. This particular game was called “Commander Keen” and starred an 8-year old boy named Billy Blaze, who travels through space under the alter-ego of “Commander Keen”. Billy had an iconic helmet that he wore throughout the series, with green stripes on top and a collection of stars on the side. 

This exact helmet can be found by taking a short detour during the sixth mission, inside of a well-hidden cave. Billy’s helmet is now worn by a fallen skeleton, perhaps as a nod toward the

current status of the Commander Keen series. Nearby you can also find a light machine gun turret, which will surely assist in mowing down those pesky Imps that spawn outside the cave. On a related note, I wouldn’t be surprised if we see a complete reboot of Commander Keen in the future, as it’s still selling well on the Android app store.

The next easter egg is found during the introductory segment of the game and is easily skippable if the player is not paying close attention to their surroundings. Upon receiving your first weapon, a pistol that has a secondary charge shot, you have to make your way through a few demons and finally end up in a bleak room that has a portal in the middle. Once you clear this area, look at the bottom of the door that has an “Area Lockdown” alert on it and you will find a sticker that has a symbol and the words “Vault-Tec” etched in the middle. 

This is a Fallout reference, with Vault-Tec being a brand within the series. During the pre-war regime, Vault-Tec Corporation was responsible for developing the vaults located in the Commonwealth. They exist in every single Fallout game and it’s no surprise that Bethesda went out of their way to include a direct reference to their own games. While it would’ve been way cooler to find a hidden Pip-Boy that we can wear through the game for purely aesthetic purposes, I think this is a suitable easter egg and something that I can live with.

One of the most notable easter eggs found across the numerous levels in DOOM is an Elder Scrolls reference. Many gamers can recall the “Arrow to the Knee” meme, which was popularized back when Skyrim first released. The NPC’s in Skyrim would often repeat a sentence which included the “Arrow to the Knee” phrase and over time it turned into a social media fad. Within the sixth mission of DOOM, you can find a dark cave that holds a skeleton wearing a replica of the Iron Helmet from Skyrim, with an arrow in its right knee.

There is also a lever nearby that once pulled, opens up a gate outside on the bottom of the map. Inside this gate is a classic Doom level that you can fiddle around in, including a skull switch that opens up a hidden area. While there are no enemies in this location, the classic map holds a Rocket Launcher and a Mega Health kit that should replenish every inch of your health bar and provide a temporary health boost. This is my favorite easter egg so far, as I’m a great Elder Scrolls fan and including a portion of the classic Doom map alongside it was a brilliant decision.

Next up is a minor easter egg that doesn’t reference anything in particular but more than likely has a special meaning to a developer at id Software. On the tenth mission, there is a ledge sticking out of the wall with a miniscule gap. While it doesn’t look like you’d be able to fit into the opening, if you try jumping on to it, you will actually clip through the wall and appear inside a hidden tunnel. On the other end is a skeleton wearing a birthday hat, sitting next to a balloon and some cake. I’m not sure whose birthday is being celebrated here, but at least the cake wasn’t a lie.

Lastly, we have a clear-cut Terminator reference for an easter egg. If you have not seen Terminator 2: Judgment Day, then you probably won’t understand this extraordinary reference. During the movies ending scene, The Terminator dissipates into molten lava and gives a thumbs-up gesture right before it’s fully gone. During the third mission in DOOM, there is an area full of scorching hot lava and if you decide to jump down, your health will slowly start to diminish. Once it reaches zero, a short scene will occur where the Doom Marine re-enacts the same exact scene from Terminator 2 and displays a final thumbs-up before drowning. Now that’s a great way to demonstrate badassery.

Ultimately, the world of DOOM has plenty of other secrets to offer, ranging from hidden Doomguy collectibles to a diverse selection of classic map segments, which can now be replayed in the HD universe straight from the main menu. As fans around the globe, including myself, discover additional easter eggs in the near future, I will try to update this guide with the necessary information required to find them on your own. If you discover anything that you believe is a reference or secret in the game, don’t hesitate to share it in the comments below.