Wargaming Fans Wage War Aboard USS Midway

Wage War Under the Setting Sun.

Last Friday, Wargaming.net launched a pre-emptive strike on Comic-Con 2016 with the first stop on their “Let's Battle” nationwide tour. This fan-tastic appreciation event was held aboard the USS Midway Floating Museum in San Diego and featured 30 gaming kiosks on the flight deck as well as free food, free drinks, and numerous giveaways. The VIP-style event was free to attend, and gamers of all ages had a chance to battle against and party with fellow Wargaming enthusiasts.

With World of Warships on ten PCs as well as World of Tanks on ten PCs, five PS4s, and five Xbox One's, players of all ages had the pleasure of declaring war under the setting sun. In addition, three of the stations were running the new Sandbox test sever that lets players and developers battle together and work on vehicle balance. This server will be available this summer, and you can apply for access here.

I hopped onto World of Tanks and played a few rounds with fellow gamers on the USS Midway and from around the world. It was really cool to play in a social environment where everyone was reacting to gameplay. People in the background cheered and jeered with each player's performance, which added to the excitement! My girlfriend even jumped in to play a round, and she couldn't stop laughing at how much trouble she had controlling her tank (she isn't used to dual analog controls).

The USS Midway Museum is the perfect venue for this type of event not only because of its awesome design and history, but also because it offers much more than metallic scenery. For example, there's a small fleet of flight simulator pods that offer a wild ride with great visuals, and the Midway Theater Experience shows the epic aircraft carrier when it was still in use. Party attendees could also take a tour of the Midway and learn more about its extensive history. Lastly, playing either game on the flight deck next to the command tower while surrounded by various war planes is an unforgettable experience.

Add in some beer and a taco bar as well sliders and desserts, and fans will want for nothing. On top of that, participants got to have custom photos made and also walked out with a sweet custom metal challenge coin and a Wargaming shirt. As if that wasn't enough, the employees wheeled out a huge wooden locker and proceeded to raffle off a wide variety of freebies including headsets, controllers, keyboards, and more!

San Diego was the launching point of the Wargaming “Let's Battle” Tour, and there are two more confirmed events this year with more coming in 2017. This fall, look for one in Seattle and one in New York. While these two won't be held on an actual warship, they will be held at some kind of cool military-themed venues. Once again, these events are free to attend because Wargaming wants to celebrate its fans and give back to the community. Check back with the official Wargaming.net website for further details.