An Introduction to Rift in Anticipation of Its Starfall Prophecy Expansion (Games 101)

Rift has seen many updates during its five year lifespan, but none has been bigger than the Starfall Prophecy expansion that was announced by Trion Worlds this week.

Starfall Prophecy includes content across the spectrum by introducing a new area called Comet of Ahnket. This area is split into five zones, each with a distinct theme, along with hundreds of quests that’ll provide a means of achieving the game’s new level cap of 70 when it arrives this Fall.

All new group content will arrive in the form of two dungeons, a raid, and planar assault adventures, each with new gear to acquire. Fortress Sieges will also be introduced as part of the package, which are new open world battles that scale from solo incursions to raids.

An assortment of legendary powers will be introduced to the game, such as the the Mage Arbiter’s Legendary Galvanic Strike, which empowers you with charges of electricity. In addition there will be new ways to upgrade your gear, further increasing the options for customization.

The expansion is not only huge but has been carefully hand-crafted to include content tailored for players of all types, even new players who may have never played Rift before.

If you happen to be new, you can dive into Rift for free and see what it’s all about. That’s exactly what we did this week and we recorded it so you can see for yourself why the game is beloved by many. Check out our footage above, and then be sure to read more about what Starfall Prophecy entails on the official website.