No Man’s Sky’s Best Mods Make the Game Much Better

No Man's Sky has been under heavy fire by gamers since it launched last week. Although it certainly falls short of the many promises made by Sean Murray, it has tremendous potential.

Some of this potential has already been realized on the PC version where hundreds of mods are available. Mods make drastic changes to the way the game looks, performs, and behaves. When tailored to your tastes, you can alter the game to make it something much more desirable.

Below we'll go over the top 10 mods currently available for No Man's Sky, along with download links to each of them.


Chromatic Aberration & More Removal

No Man's Sky has some questionable graphical filters that many agree make the game actually look worse. In addition to a vignetting and scan line effect, there is a heap of chromatic aberration.

There is currently no way to remove these filters and features natively. As a result, a mod was born which does just that.

Download Here

Fast Actions

For one reason or another interaction with UI elements in No Man's Sky's PC version requires a button press and hold. This feels very unnatural with a keyboard & mouse, and many players have complained about it.

The Fast Actions mod changes this by making all button presses instantaneous. This applies to menu navigation, item creation, movement of items, and more.

Download Here

Internal Resolution Multipliers

You might have noticed that No Man's Sky's PC version looks blurry, even when played at high resolutions such as 1440p and 4K. There is a known bug where the game renders at a lower resolution than specified in the graphics settings, and the generally flat look of the game doesn't help.

The Internal Resolution Multiplier mod works similar to downsampling, where your PC renders at a higher resolution before outputting it at your native resolution. This helps increase the sharpness and detail of the image on systems that have extra horsepower to spare.

Download Here


One of the big oversights in No Man's Sky is its single profile system. There is no way to have multiple saves allowing several people to play the game on one system. Well, without mods, anyway.

NMSLauncher provides a way to create multiple save paths. Using this, you can create multiple games with distinct settings. It's surprising this isn't already supported.

Download Here


I can't tell you enough how frustrating it can be to try and take video footage and screenshots of No Man's Sky when there are icons all over the screen.

This mod offers a way to disable the HUD completely to make it clear and perfect for picture taking. It's something the game has desperately needed, and now it's finally here.

Download Here

No Man's Sky For Low PC Config

No Man's Sky is a surprisingly hardware demanding game. Thousands of refunds have been issued on Steam due to players not being able to run the game at a reasonable frame rate. A lot of the blame is due to the poor scaling, which makes the lowest settings not much different than when the game is running on High.

No Man's Sky For Low PC Config is a solution for this problem. With it, gamers with inexpensive hardware can play the game with drastically reduced visual quality. Hey, at least they can actually play it.

Download Here

No Man's Sky Trainer

Sometimes cheating isn't such a bad idea. Maybe you're running out of resources and desperately searching for plutonium, or keep getting shot out of space by pirates.

In comes the No Man's Sky Trainer. This mod allows you to give yourself a leg up in the game by providing infinite health, immunity to radiation, access to Atlas Passes and more all through single button presses.

Download Here


Do you wish that your spaceship looked cooler? With this mod you can change the visual appearance of your ship at any time.

There are many choices across each of the four available ship classes. This doesn't function as a cheat since it won't affect equipment or inventory. However, you will look a lot cooler.

Download Here


Are you tired of hearing "LIFE SUPPORT SYSTEMS LOW" every few seconds? If so, then this mod is for you.

Shutup allows you to remove the annoying exosuitOS voiceovers. Made better, it provides tools for removing what you no longer way to hear. If you still want to hear protection system or inventory alerts, then you can keep those on. The choice is yours.

Download Here

Super Hyperdrive

Many players are already burned out of No Man's Sky. Sadly, they will never reach the center of the galaxy to at least complete their core mission.

With Super Hyperdrive players can travel distances magnitudes farther than in the default game. Hyperdrive distance is multiplied by 1,000, offering significant jumps that provide reasonable crawl speed through space. Although this is certainly within the realm of cheating, No Man's Sky's repetition and strict requirements to travel to the center of the galaxy are unreasonable for most players. At the very least this mod will make completing the game more feasible to the average player.

​Download Here

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