The Best Ways To Celebrate Tomb Raider’s 20th Anniversary

This week's release of the critically acclaimed Rise of the Tomb Raider on the PlayStation 4 kicks off a celebration twenty years in the making. Developer Crystal Dynamics has some treats in store for fans of the series, like next month's commemorative book, Tomb Raider: 20 Years, but before that there is a host of extra content included in the PS4 version (which is downloadable for the Xbox One version if you have the season pass) and even a live-action game show that aired on

I've played the game, checked out old school attire, and yes, competed on a Tomb Raider-themed competition.

Play Rise of the Tomb Raider Wearing Classic Outfits

While the crisp PS4 version of Rise of Tomb Raider is gorgeous, outfitting Lara in Angel of Darkness or Tomb Raider II attire is not to be missed. This visual paradox is the perfect way to begin this list as seeing a 90s era Croft traverse 1080p vistas is stunning. Plus, Lara moves just as precisely regardless of the retro looks. A greater surprise, all the cutscenes feature the look you chose. Nothing beats the awesome yet hilarious sight of Tomb Raider II Lara staring down Trinity’s nefarious Konstantin.

Watch the Tomb Raider 20 Celebration Challenge


A few weeks ago, yours truly had the opportunity to compete on a mock game show inspired by Tomb Raider puzzles. I had a blast! Although, my lack of real-life skills reminded me just how much easier it is to be Lara Croft with only a controller in hand. Nerdist host Jessica Chobot was there to push us to the limits. My fellow adventurer was the über charming eSports dude Malik Forte. We were Team Silver Wolves! Did we acquire the Golden Axe? Could we survive an inquisitive T-Rex? All that really happened, and so much more. Watch the entire show here!

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Finish the New Add-On "Blood Ties"

One of the best bonuses ever, “Blood Ties” unlocks once players have finished the early Syria level. The entire sequence is set at Croft Manor, which is the first time players have had the chance to visit Lara’s childhood home since series was rebooted in 2013. The plot centers around Lara’s snooty uncle, Atlas, vying for control of the estate putting Lara on a quest to find the combination to her late father's safe. Hopefully, inside the steel cube is a legal document that proves she is the rightful heir to the massive mansion. What she discovers is more than just a will and testament.

There are no action scenes, which is as it should be. Peppered throughout are puzzles not monsters. This is the ultimate Lara tomb; one that is of her own family’s making. Items provide clues to Lara’s life: growing up with an absentee dad, missing her deceased mom, all while learning from the best teacher ever, loyal butler Winston. Also intriguing: finding out more about the then budding romance between Lara’s parents, and how Richard Croft's obsession with ancient artifacts became worrisome. By the end, this 90-minute tour of Croft Manor added more depth to who Lara Croft is than most of her campaigns, making it the perfect culmination of her twenty-year journey.