Overwatch Christmas Event: Who Will Be Santa?

As was discovered last week, Overwatch will more than likely have a Christmas-themed event, which will more than likely not use the word "Christmas," but that's besides the point. That is, unless these Wintery Wonderlandish theme songs are just for kicks and giggles (or "ho ho ho"s).

This information raises several important questions: When will it start? For how long will it go? etcetera. But, I think the only question on every Overwatch player's mind is "who will get the Santa skin?"

Let's look at the possibilities:


This wasn't the first one I thought of, but it might very well be the most likely. While he doesn't have the, shall we say, "portly" physique of the other possibilities, he does already have this convenient mock-up above.

This image was originally Tweeted out by the Overwatch team in Decemeber of 2014, a month after the game was announced, so I doubt there are any character models there, but the concept is hard to argue with. Candy cane hand, a reindeer turret and a gun that shoots snowballs? All checks out.

He also gives people stuff (armor) that could easily be re-skinned as wrapped-up presents.


Roadhog, personally, is my pick for Santa Claus, and not just because he's my favorite hero (although I am saving up all my credits just in case). It seems to me that he would be the best choice because he has what no other option has: a big freaking belly.

I mean, really look at it. It's massive. So he has the physique and the white hair, and don't try to tell me a candy cane hook wouldn't be absolutely perfect. The only thing working in his detriment is the mask, since they won't really be able to show Santa's signature beard.

We may very well see a much jollier Roadhog in the coming weeks. Might I suggest Hot Cocoa for his "Take A Breather" skill?


He's old, has white hair, and while he may not have the belly that Roadhog does, Reinhardt also isn't a cold-blooded murderer like Roadhog. Not to mention that Reinhardt is occasionally a jovial person, showing enthusiasm and a thirst for justice, who also has the signature Santa beard.

While all that sounds noble, I don't know how Blizzard would navigate his Crusader Armor. Sure, you could paint it up like a Santa suit, but that would seem unsatisfying to me.

Maybe I'm not creative enough, but I also can't imagine any obvious Santa-themed tie-ins for his weapons or abilities. A giant hammer? A shield? It will take a better mind than mine to solve that one, or at least, a more interested one.


I think this is really the only other possibility (unless they wanted to go for irony and pick someone like Reaper).

While he may suffer from a lot of the same problems as Reinhardt (his skills don't easily lend themselves to a Santa-themed re-skin, and his armor and weapons also aren't the best for it), he's pretty much the only logical choice left.

Also, wouldn't it be great to see a beefed-out angry Santa Claus jumping and slashing at everything in his path.

Did I miss one? Tell us in the comments section who you think should be Santa Claus in Overwatch.