Best Combo Weapons In Dead Rising 4

Dead Rising 4 not only brings back Frank West, but it also brings back the loads of weapon combinations that make little to no sense, but offer as much joy as hearing Frank West talk again – maybe even more.

Do you want to make get to the end of Willamette's story with ease but aren't sure which weapons will take you there? While you can eventually hold more weapons, I'd most strongly recommend some combination of these five, even duplicates.

Suckmaster 3000

The Suckmaster 3000 is the newest in the line of Suckmasters, apparently, and it's created by combining a vacuum cleaner with metal parts. It's a thrown weapon that will ferociously suck all nearby zombie enemies into it.

It's better than a grenade because it will last longer, therefore killing more zombies, and you can pick it up again after you've thrown it. It doesn't appear to have a set number of uses; it merely degrades in quality the more zombies it kills.

Bazooka Cannon

Grab a toy cannon, mix it with some chemicals, and you've got yourself a 15-shot RPG that you don't have to reload. You can rip through hordes of zombies with this, or save it for maniac battles, spamming this explosive behemoth until there is only destruction in your wake.

Holey Terror

The Holey Terror certainly lives up to its name. This gun is made by combining a firearm with a computer (tower, not monitor). Apprently, this can make a super electric ball shooter. This will one-shot normal zombies and most hostile npcs (unless they're wearing an exo suit, or are the specific maniacs).

That being said, even if you are facing an exo trooper or a maniac, you'll still be able to take them down by spamming this bad boy. It has 35 shots, and I'd estimate that you can take out at least two exo troopers and all their cronies with one magazine. This should be the only firearm you carry (besides the bazooka cannon, of course).

Blast from the Past

This explosive hammer is made, as you can see, by combining a sledge hammer with explosives (apparently just by strapping grenades to the end, but whatever). And no, the ensuing explosion doesn't hurt you or destroy your weapon. It deals massive damage to zombies and normal npcs, killing them in one hit. Once you build up enough of a combo, you can deal a special attack that shoots out flames in a cone in front of you, killing all normal enemies in its path.

It's easy to find and easy to use, and will also help greatly in maniac battles, should you choose to use it.

Ice Sword

The Ice Sword is a tricky one. It doesn't have the burst damage of the Blast from the Past, and it's little help against more difficult NPCs and it's basically a wet noodle against special zombies.

That being said, it's always good to have one or two of these in your inventory, becuase of sheer utility. They freeze normal zombies en masse with one swing. This can be used to either clear crowds or simply get you out of a sticky situation. It also provides a non-weapon-damaging way to kill zombies to: simply freeze them, kick them, and watch them shatter.