New GTA V Mod Pushes Photorealistic Graphics To the Next Level

Our resident PC specialist JamalR a.k.a. Razed has been hard at work during the past three months developing the latest version of his popular Grand Theft Auto V mod. Serving as a significant update to the original NaturalVision mod, its release marks the debut of the world's most realistic GTA V graphics mod.

NaturalVision 2.0 uses a combination of customized tools that utilize color correction, effect rework, post-processing, and texture methods to bring the more than three year old GTA V in-line with today's latest and greatest hardware. JamalR employed tools such as ReShade, ENB, VisualSettings, VisualV, and TimeCycle, each of which serve a purpose in making the game world and its inhabitants as photorealistic as possible.

This update alone required more than 400 hours of work in what JamalR describes as a "complete overhaul of the original mod"; it is effectively an entirely new product. During production every layer had to be tested in a wide variety of environments, from day time to night, and industrial environment to desert. As other modders are familiar with, every single tweak required a game restart, resulting in hours of repetition.

As you might suspect, using such an advanced mod does have framerate implications. JamalR's testing has shown an FPS loss of between 5 to 10 on average. While it's heavy, upper mid-range rigs can still benefit tremendously using it with less than Ultra settings. At its core its color correction and minute texture detail improvements transform GTA V from a game that looks like a game to one that imitates real life.

Below you can find the graphics showcase trailer for NaturalVision 2.0, which is over three minutes long and required a week of production. It's worth a look even if you don't plan to use the mod or play GTA V on PC.

To download the mod, head over to Installation is simple and only requires the base game and VisualV. English, Russian, and German are supported. JamalR recommends the L.A. Roads, real freeway signs, and environmental emergency lights mods to produce results similar to his screenshots and trailer.

We will have a full feature interview with JamalR that will describe his development process and some of the inner workings of his creations within the next few days.