With Thom Mathews’ Return, Friday The 13th: The Game Is Making Fans’ Dreams Come True

All along, Friday the 13th: The Game has made a concerted effort to be true to its film franchise source material. When developer IllFonic announced its tiered release in 2016 & 2017, they also announced that Tommy Jarvis, a protagonist who appeared in several Friday the 13th movies would be a playable character.

Well, as was revealed today, the asymmetric 1v7 multiplayer game, where seven player-controlled counselors try to escape the clutches of one player-controlled Jason Voorhees, will also feature the return of Thom Mathews, who portrayed Tommy Jarvis in Jason Lives, as the voice of Jason's arch nemesis.

IllFonic's attention to detail in the Friday the 13th series is admirable, so much so that they're taking some heat from the ESRB, facing a potential AO rating. Some have speculated that this may be related to unconfirmed reports of the game's inclusion of sex or nudity, which would be right in line with the films' approach to more risqué subject matter.

The closed beta is rapidly approaching (available as a reward vis-a-vis the game's Kickstarter), so we should soon be getting even more details on the game's adherence to what Friday the 13th did so well.

Bottom line: if you love the Friday the 13th series, you will undoubtedly love Friday the 13th: The Game.